Month: February 2020

Top Strategies to Collect Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

Email marketing is still alive and healthy. In fact, it continues to grow as new users keep signing up for new email accounts. Everything requires an email address today. Even your phone needs your email to work! Which is why...

/ February 12, 2020

Recruiting Generation Z: A Guide

If you are looking for new employees, then look no further than Generation Z. Although they can sometimes lack experience, young people add a fresh new perspective to any work environment and can really help your company grow. So here...

/ February 10, 2020

Russian Investor Pavel Melnikov | Bizzmark Blog

Pavel Melnikov: A Profile of an Investor Pavel Melnikov was born on August 7th, 1964 in Sankt Petersburg, previously known as Leningrad. He is the founder of one of the greatest Russian companies which conducts the import of sanitary products,...

/ February 6, 2020