It’s not difficult to conclude that, in the world that places the greatest importance on speed, efficiency and user-friendliness, IT simply has to play the main role. In comparison to just two decades ago, we’ve significantly changed the way we communicate, shop and work and it is mostly technology’s fault.

No matter how big a business is, chances are it relies heavily on IT to stay competitive and, hopefully, thrive. Here are some of the reasons why it would be impossible to run a company without the benefits brought about by modern information technology.


Since the business world is based on the ability to communicate instantly and efficiently, it is information technology that has to make it possible. From simple e-mails to video conferencing, people nowadays communicate across time zones to help their business grow. Also, most customers choose some form of digital communication channel to get in touch with you or find out more about your offer.

Having the ability to communicate without any restrictions naturally leads to opportunities for better business decision-making and easier penetration into new markets, which is one of preconditions for development. Keeping all relevant stakeholders in the loop about the situation in the company and on the market is simply a must, but it wouldn’t be possible without IT.


Each company is trying to streamline its operations and be as efficient as possible, because that means that the expenses are reduced to the minimum, while the return on investment is maximized at the same time. Doing more in the same or even shorter period and being able to provide better quality product or service at the same cost are just some examples of what most managers are trying to achieve.

Information technology also plays an important role in facilitating this by automating routine tasks, generating error-free and instant data analyses and providing data storage capacity, to name just a few aspects. Instead of performing such task manually, you are using modern technology to speed the processes up, reduce the chance of making mistakes and manage your resources more efficiently.

Competitive advantage

Since all companies are now using IT in almost every aspect of their business, it often comes down to what type of equipment you use and how skillfully you do that when we talk about having a competitive advantage.

Some companies use IT to create new products or services and improve customer service, while others are more focused on reducing their production costs, thus boosting their profit margin. Finally, information technology can be built into some product in a way that makes it very difficult for customers to switch to another products or platforms.

Economic efficiencies

One of the aims of each business is to lower their production costs and IT infrastructure is often the vital element in the system that allows that. Whether we talk about centralizing redundant tasks or moving high-cost functions to the online environment, modern technology makes it possible for companies to maximize their profits.

Also, savings can be made by providing customer support via e-mail, rather than through live phone calls, but probably the most popular opportunities facilitated by IT in order to reduce costs are the opportunity to outsource and provide remote work options. They allow companies all over the world to seek professional assistance from experts who might be living in a completely different part of the world and to reward their employees by allowing them to spend some time working from home or some other place they feel comfortable at.

Parting thoughts

Since information technology is really the backbone of every business, it needs to be given the amount and quality of attention it deserves. Investing in people who can use modern technology to maximize the output, as well as in the technology itself is of paramount importance for any business, regardless of the field of industry.

Making decision related to the use of IT is difficult, since it requires that those who make them are well informed about available options and can cope with the pressure imposed by the significance of getting it right. Also, failing to keep up-to-date with the latest trends often means that irreparable damage has been done to your company, which just confirms that IT now plays the central role in every kind of business.


Posted by Victoria Lawes

Victoria is a Digital Marketing Strategist. She works with driven, creative, and passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to bring their visions to life. Enthusiastic writer who follows latest marketing and technology trends to get a glimpse of the future.