When you’re just getting started in building a career, it sometimes feels like you can’t get enough advice just to be able to make the right career choices.

Yes, starting a new career could feel like swimming across unexplored waters. However, there’s no need to lose confidence and wallow over your fears and anxieties.

To help you start your career with your head up high, here are the 5 best career advice tips for beginners.

Know your strengths

Whether you’re a newcomer to the workforce or if you’re shifting career paths, knowing your strengths and conveying them via a well written cv is always an advantage. List down all your skills, rank them if you may. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades kind of person, don’t be shy to list all your skills even if you’re not exactly a master at that task.

Focusing on your best skills and presenting them favorably can help you stand out in a job interview. Being sure of yourself can also help you use them when the need arises and make it easier to advance in your career; you never really know when certain skills can come in handy in the business world. For example, just a year ago, few people could have guessed just how in-demand certified medical professionals would become. In these unprecedented times during the Covid-19 pandemic, PALS and ACLS certifications can easily give you a much-needed career boost.

Choose a career that needs the kind of skills that you have

There are two advantages for you here. First, you are more likely to enjoy doing jobs using skills that you already have and probably fall in your hobbies and interests.

Second, if you’re already skilled in doing the tasks needed for the job, you are more likely to excel in the job. This way, you’ll be able to have a head start against your rivals.

Do some research about the career that you want

As a part of your preparation for your chosen career, it’s best if you research about the job.

  • What company do you want to be a part of?
  • What’s the vision and mission of your company? Maybe you can contribute something to the company that’s in line with their vision.
  • What’s the job description?
  • What’s the scope of the job?

Obtaining this information will also give you an edge during the interview or during your first months in the company.

After all, being new at a company is much easier if you know your way around.
a man and a woman dressed professionaly

Dress for the job you want

Alright, this one’s a cliché, but people won’t be saying it over and over again for nothing.

Dressing like you already have the job you want would give you added confidence.

Furthermore, it helps you to act accordingly throughout the day, whether it’s during an interview or your first few months at the company. This tip also helps you showcase professionalism at all times, so it’s good to keep this in mind all the way through your tenure days.

Talk with people in your chosen field

As they say, experience is the best teacher.
Thus, whether you are preparing for an interview or you are starting out in your chosen field, asking around and talking to people who have been there longer could give you better insight about things that you should and should not do.

This could also help you envision what strengths you should play in order to advance in the field.

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