From last few years, the landscape of marketing has been changed. Today, a majority of marketers are now focusing on online growth hacking strategies to lead their startup businesses up to the next level.

Before we move forward, it is worth to mention here that many people usually get confused and mix this term with traditional marketing. But the reality is that both terms are quite different from each other.

The term growth hacking is basically associated with increasing an online presence and business growth. Today, more and more offline businesses are popping up online and trying to increase their presence on SERPs to maximize their biz growth, sales, and revenues by using internet growth hacking strategies.

To cut the long story short, if you’re running a small business or planning to launch a new startup business in the near future then you should be familiar with the basic growth hacking strategies. These simple techniques will greatly help you to increase your business online presence, lead generation, sales, and ultimately revenues. So, let’s start!

5 Basic But Effective Growth Hacking Strategies for New Startups

1# Start a Blog

No matter, if you’re running a business offline or online. You need a business website and more important you need a blog section. Probably, you have already heard the term that “content is king”. Yes, it’s right!!!!!

Good contents often play a vital role in the success of online businesses. Even blue-chip businesses are also using the blogosphere strategy to market their products online.

Nowadays, customers also prefer to read the specific product information and reviews online before they do actual shopping. So, you should start a blog and publish your articles on it. In this way, you can attract more people online and these people can be turned into paying customers in future.

So, what type of skills you need to get started? All you need is to build a blog and write quality and informative contents on it. While writing articles, you should focus on On-page SEO techniques to better rank your blog post. If you’re not an expert, don’t worry. Visit Fiverr (the world’s largest digital marketplace) and hire a professional to get this work done.

2# Collect Emails

After starting a blog, you will need to collect emails as much as possible. Previous researches have confirmed that people love to read their emails on a regular basis. Collecting emails is basically a major part of lead generation, so whenever you will get hundreds of thousands of email subscribers, start email marketing and try your best to turn your subscribers into paid customers ☺

To collect emails, there are several list building plugins available that can be installed on websites such as SumoMe, OptinMaster or Popup Domination.

On the weekly or monthly basis, send them newsletters and don’t forget to include the latest product offers. If your email subscribers find your products and services useful, they will surely visit your website and place their orders.

#3 Connect with Your Social Media Followers

At number three, social media are great platforms to connect with loved ones. If you are really concerned about your business growth, you should increase your social media presence.

Without a moment, create your official business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus and start connecting with your targeted audience.

You should update your social media pages regularly by sharing the latest product/services information with the relevant audience. Encourage your potential buyers to ask questions and give feedback.

#4 Guest Blogging & Link Building

For SEO and link building purposes, you need to start guest blogging. Yes, guest blogging is the best technique which is still trendy in content marketing. All you need to find the relevant guest blogging websites. To publish your guest articles, contact website publishers/editors along with your final drafts. If they accept your article, they will publish it on their blogs and obviously, they will share your content with their online audience.

More importantly, don’t forget to include your web URL in your author bio. Including URL will benefit your online business in several ways like link building, improving SEO, brand awareness, increasing PA & DA and much more.

Once you start doing some link building, you will find out that it is a serious undertaking and that you might need some help. When this happens, make sure to check out some link building tools that will help you be more efficient and successful.

#5 Start Influencer Marketing

To some extent, influencer marketing is a relatively old technique but it is still trendy in online marketing. People blindly follow their influencers and if these influencers recommend some products to their followers, people will obviously use it.

So, you should make a list of key influencers that fall in your business niche and hire/inspire them to spread your business word to their followers. This technique will surely leave a positive impact on your initial business leads and ultimately sales.

There are numbers of other growth hacking strategies or techniques you can use to boost your business growth in a short time but for beginners, the aforementioned tips are supposed to be the best strategies to get started.

If you didn’t get any point or want to suggest some innovative strategy, please don’t be hesitate to mention it in the comment section. I’d love to read it.

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Adil Zaman is a business major and founder of Fincyte. He loves to write on small business and tech trends. Follow him on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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