Much like any company’s culture, the idea of workplace design is a fluid, ever-changing concept. It needs to be, in order to provide relevant, contemporary design solutions for the modern-day employee. In that sense, even coworking spaces are prone to change, precisely to be able to ensure the right levels of comfort, collaboration, and wellbeing for teams that share the space. Whether you own a coworking space or you’re sharing it with other businesses, you can certainly do so much to make the most of your workspace to boost productivity.

In fact, with the right budget and the right ideas, you can transform your coworking space to inspire others in your organization to be even more productive. Here, we’ll single out a few ideas that you can implement in your own design plan for your coworking space, and use them to enable smarter collaboration and a healthy workspace for your teams. 

Talk to your employees

Since you’re about to invest in a coworking space that will be used among different people from all walks of life, you should cater to your target demographic. Simply put, don’t merely rely on guesswork when choosing the layout of your coworking space or when you’re about to choose furniture and kitchen essentials. Talk to your employees and people who will share the space with you. Their suggestions can prove to be budget-friendly and perfect for the intended use of your office space.

Before you start allocating your funds for different options, talk to your coworking space users about the potential office design solutions you can use. You want to find a common ground that will make everyone feel comfortable, but also provide enough flexibility so that people can personalize their space. 

Create a clear budget plan

The most fundamental step of any design project is defining your budget before you make any decisions. Since this will be a profitable endeavor, but one that requires ample funding from the get-go, you should do your best to research available loans to fund your project. That way, you will be able to see what you are qualified for and how your credit score will impact your ability to take out a loan.

A personal loan with a well-crafted repayment structure that you can keep up with will allow you to design your coworking space with peace of mind, without jeopardizing your own personal income or savings. Once you have a budget in place, you can see what kind of coworking essentials you can invest in with your available funds.

Invest in wellness above all else

Proper hygiene, a well-designed common area, a coffee machine, and greenery around a coworking space may seem like they have little in common. Yet, these individual investments can contribute to workplace wellness for all those who share your coworking space.

When you start setting aside a specific sum of money for a specific purpose, make sure that your investments work in favor of employee wellness. Greenery doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose – it boosts productivity, mood, and it elevates the air quality of your office. Take the same approach when considering other wellness-boosting additions to your coworking space, and you’ll invest in things that everyone will benefit from. 

Rely on technology

The essence of coworking spaces is their flexibility, their inherent idea to share the space among many different teams and organizations at any given time. That, however, comes with unique and often changing challenges that can jeopardize productivity over time. However, with the help of advanced tech solutions at hand, you can make your coworking space even more comfortable and conducive to hard work, free of distractions. 

For example, you can invest in high-quality noise-canceling headphones that will enable your teams to focus on their work by listening to music, or by communicating with customers without being distracted by ambient noise. Then again, to help your teams make the most of their tech tools, you can provide solar chargers that can be placed across the coworking space, so that everyone can share them and keep their devices charged. 

Add color for more vibrancy 

The psychology of color has a curious impact on how our minds work in different settings. That is why designers often rely on various color palettes when designing office spaces, particularly the ones meant for shared use and collaboration among various industries. That said, bright and vibrant colors are perfect for keeping your employees engaged, alert, and positive. However, adding too many clashing hues can become a sensory distraction and can be too overwhelming.

Instead, you should select one or two main colors and perhaps one accent hue that will provide contrast or complement your main color. That is why you’ll notice that many coworking spaces use a combination of colors such as orange that provides alertness and energizes the space, paired with green, which has a soothing impact and reminds us of nature. Visually striking colors are a good choice, just make sure that they don’t stifle the rest of the office look and feel, but rather complement it to create a welcoming coworking space for all.

The layout and overall design of any workspace can make or break your inspiration to stay focused and be productive. Luckily, sometimes the simplest design solutions can have a major impact on the productivity of people sharing the coworking space in question. The suggested tactics are timeless and highly effective, so make sure to take advantage of the perks they offer so that your own coworking space can become a thriving environment for your employees.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.