We’ve all heard it: ‘organic reach is dead’.

After Mark Zuckerberg announced early in 2018 Facebook would be slashing organic reach on Facebook business pages to ‘improve user experience and help Facebook users make more meaningful connections with their friends and family’ – we all knew what it meant. 

Now, after a few more changes to the algorithm, a post’s average organic reach on Facebook is only around 6.4% of the page’s total likes

And yet – in the last couple of months, we managed to actually boost our organic reach by 1200% – which translated into 820% increase in organic traffic from Social Media on our Website!

How did we achieve that? 

Well, it was more about going back to the basics than anything else. 😉 

So, in this post – we discuss the 5 hacks that helped us boost engagement on your Facebook page – even when it was at an all-time low. 😉 

#1 Create more personal content 

 The first step to boosting engagement on your social media is creating personal content that really resonates with your audience. 

And you can’t do it without answering the question: Who your audience actually is. 

Successful social media marketing is about having conversations with your audience – creating personal content that they really want to read.

So, if (for any reason) you don’t really understand your audience’s top pain points (e.g. because you’re a 45-year old childless dude and for some reason, you’re responsible for social media marketing in a company selling products for young moms…) – find someone who  does to write your copy. This can actually be your clients (case studies). 

Your copy needs to really reflect your audience’s voice and talk about their problems from first-hand experience. 

Talk about how to solve the problem from your experience. That’s thought leadership. 

We are all so tired of re-hashed, generic content scraped of several websites it doesn’t make sense anymore. 

So, to get personal: 

  • Use real photos, not pretty, generic stock photos 
  • Talk in 1st person 
  • Use your own voice and don’t be afraid to show your personality 
  • Use storytelling in your posts.
  • Don’t be afraid of offending and polarising. Target a very specific customer who will love you, and don’t care about the rest. As Steve Jobs used to say – if you wanna please everyone, sell ice-cream.

#2 Use Emojis & write in single lines 


This little hack helped us oh-so-much! 

Using emojis to illustrate the meaning of each line and writing in single lines with double spaces in between (rather than in chunky paragraphs) improves the readability of your posts so much that people actually want to read them. 

And people usually don’t want to read much on social media…which brings us to my next point…

#3 Use video 

I know everyone has been hammering it to you way too many times but…it’s true. Native video (ones you upload to Facebook directly, not via a link, or create – such as live, boomerang or a story) really works for boosting engagement. 

You need to be strategic about creating those videos though – and consistent in when you publish them. 

#4 Create shareable content – and share it yourself!

Organic reach these days is all about engagement – so how many reactions your posts generate, and – especially – how many times they get shared. 

One share on a personal profile means your organic reach can 10X overnight. 

For real. 

So – create posts that have clear (and authentic!) CTAs – encouraging long comments (not just yes/no or emojis).

Facebook quizzes are the perfect example of highly engaging and interesting content that’s gonna get your followers sharing their comments and reactions.

And – provide so much value people actually want to share your post. 

If that proves hard at first – get your team to share them. 

As Marcin Banaszkiewicz – a LinkedIn social selling expert said – 20 shares to personal profiles from people who have a few hundred friends will give you as much organic reach as sharing the same post on a Facebook page with a million (!) of followers

#5 Post consistently at the right time 

If you have an ‘unwritten agreement’ with your audience to post a specific type of content every Monday – you should post it every Monday. 

Check out this post to find the best time to post on Facebook, and also remember to adjust the posting times to your audience’s time zone. You can easily set it in your social media scheduler

I hope these tips help you boost your engagement soon! Good luck! 


About the author: 

Emilia Korczynska is a marketing strategist in Postfity.com. She has been running her own content marketing agency for the past 6 years. Emilia’s passionate about content creation, traveling in South-East Asia and long-distance running. 


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