Riding to work, especially on an electric bike, allows you to carry more while sweating less. You can cruise at a fast speed with less effort, manage to weave or avoid traffic jams with ease, and not worry about where to park. It also presents an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

Electric bikes are not complicated rides; they are fun and intuitive. However, rides should never assume the need for safety, like when on any bike. According to GES from Ireland, putting safety first will make the ride a rewarding experience. Keep reading to discover the essential tips to keep in mind when riding an e-bike.

Start Slow:         

The zeal to jump on your electric bike and hit the road might have you considering ramping the bike to the fastest settings. However, it is best to take things slow if it is your first time using an e-bike. Use the lowest power settings for the first few rides to get the hang of things. Also, consider riding in an empty space like a car park as you experiment with different speeds.

Brake Sooner:      

The higher power setting means you can cruise at fast speeds, and if your bike has a heavier frame, you must start slowing down than when on a standard e-bike. It also means you should master when to press the brakes for a comfortable halt.

Brake Lightly And Evenly:

An electric bike’s wheels are fitted with disc-brakes for efficient braking irrespective of the conditions. Therefore, expect your bike to start slowing down even with the softest press of the brake lever. So, go easy and apply even pressure using a light hand.

Be Extra Cautious When Riding:

From an outward impression, an electric bike looks like a standard bike, and that is why people will not think or expect it to be a fast ride. As such, it is best to exercise caution when riding. Pay attention to your surroundings and cruise at comfortable speeds as you learn how to handle your ride.

Obey Road Rules:        

Jumping on your electric bike and cruising can bring a fun experience that brings new levels of freedom. Nevertheless, you are expected to follow all the road rules, knowing your responsibilities as a road user. There are many reasons to love electric bikes, but showing this starts with proving that e-bike riders are not reckless.

Watch Out For Drunks:                 

Friday and Saturday nights are dangerous for many riders because of the increased number of party-goers and potential drunks out there. Things can take a dramatic turn for the worse on a Friday night as they would on a nice, cool Tuesday night. Therefore, be ready for the unexpected when enjoying your e-bike on the weekends.

Use A Mirror:       

Amazon had a Mirrycle handlebar end mirror going for $12, which is a steal. You also can find other fantastic options that meet your safety needs. The significance of enjoying your electric bike while being safe is best expressed by the fact that not all motorists or road users will adhere to the road rules. That is why you need mirrors to ensure you can see what is coming from behind, more so when swerving out into a lane to avoid something or taking a turn to another road.

Lastly, never jump on your e-bike without a high-quality helmet that fits properly, irrespective of how close your destination is.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.