Technology has indeed changed the world to be better and more sophisticated. It requires businesses to always update and follow current trends.

Especially as a marketer, it is obligatory to learn what digital marketing trends will look like in 2023. All business owners are now taking their digital marketing strategy to a higher level.

This is important to do so you don’t get left behind. So, make sure you learn about current and future digital marketing trends that are more innovative and effective in achieving your business goals. That way, you will also be able to survive and compete in the current digital business era.

So, let’s dive into eight digital marketing trends to watch in 2023:

1. The rise of short videos

With the presence of Short videos on YouTube, Reels on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even Twitter will also issue similar ones. Thus, it’s no wonder that in 2023 video-based content activities will be increasingly booming.

Video format content makes it easier for brands to convey messages that are difficult to understand. For example, blockchain content, technology content, tutorial content, and much more.

You can explain your complex product or service concept as simply as possible with an animated explainer video. This type of video is popular among marketers because of its animated visuals that can attract customers’ attention and the explanations are easy to digest. It can be used in animated commercials

You can also add animated text to the video with the help of a text animation app for optimal results. Thus, it becomes a digital marketing trend strategy that you must have to spread brand awareness, increase sales conversions and build customer engagement.

2. AI and machine learning

The next digital marketing trend that marketers must have is AI and machine learning. This can be used to increase the effectiveness of your business marketing techniques.

Here are several ways to use AI and machine learning: 

  • Marketing automation to manage campaigns more efficiently.
  • Design more personalized messages for more targeted customers.
  • Efforts to shorten the process of segmenting customer data from email, websites, and social media.

Businesses should start looking at investing in these technological innovations. In addition to efficiency, this automation can also maximize certain parts of the customer journey.

3. Personalized will become more essential

Personalization is key to a successful digital marketing campaign in 2023. Ultimately it’s the best tool to increase conversions, and this is the reason why digital marketers have used it for decades to enhance their marketing efforts.

Personalizations receive 29% higher email open rates and 41% higher click-through rates than traditional emails without any form of personalization.

That means if you haven’t tried personalization in your digital marketing strategy, then you are leaving a lot of value on the table.

4. Metaverse hype

Metaverse is an endless interconnected virtual space. They invented advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In the Metaverse, users are required to create avatars that can move in the 3D world so that they can interact directly with other Metaverse users. 

This digital marketing trend utilizes technological sophistication which is predicted to continue to boom in the coming year. So, if your business has a worldwide target market. This trend will be helpful and powerful for your businesses to reach your customers in real time through the virtual world.

5. Livestreaming shopping

Livestream shopping is now increasingly booming and is widely used by various brands to generate sales, ranging from fashion, and beauty, to home furniture brands.

Moreover, live-streaming shopping lets your business interact and have real-time communication with audiences. It helps you gain customers’ trust and increase customer engagement. That way, you can easily convert them into loyal customers.

This is a great way to convince them. People these days watch live streaming on TikTok or YouTube channels before buying products. 

6. Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content will become booming in 2023 and beyond. This digital marketing strategy is effective enough to increase the trust of potential consumers in your brand.

You can encourage followers, customers, and employees to create content. User-generated content in the form of reviews from consumers, followers, or brand stories that employees want to share.

Apart from being appealing, this type of content also makes the brand feel closer to its audience so that it can increase customer engagement and can win their hearts easily.

7. Influencer Marketing 

This promotion method through influencers is the current marketing strategy trend and is predicted to continue to be a marketing trend in 2023. Influencer marketing is considered to be able to effectively increase the rate of return on investment (ROI), given the amount of influence or influence they have on buyer decisions.

However, brands need to be careful when selecting influencers on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms. Oftentimes, the influencer’s negative image can also affect brand image which will hurt your business. 

So, make sure you do in-depth research on the target influencer you are going to work with. Look for influencers who have a good reputation, have your target customers in their followers and match your business goals.

8. Chatbots will become more sophisticated

More and more companies are using chatbot tools and it is predicted to continue to grow. Chatbots allow you to interact with each of your website visitors and customers. It will keep your visitors longer on your site which has a great impact on SEO ranking.

Chatbots can also communicate naturally with people who visit the site and can answer website visitors’ questions in real-time. 

Hiring someone or customer service to monitor and communicate with visitors on the website at any time, is impossible. Therefore, chatbots have come to be the solution for every business today.


Today’s digital era has offered businesses a changing world where the most unexpected things can change the rules of marketing. Therefore, it is mandatory for marketers to always update and follow trends to compete in today’s digital business world.

So, you can implement the eight digital marketing lists above to get optimal results. Make sure you plan what marketing targets you can achieve for each trend. That way, your business can grow rapidly and quickly be recognized by many people.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.