With so many changes happening around the globe on the Career front, newer income streams are finding their way into people’s portfolios. Out of these income streams, Freelancing seems to be the one selling like hot cakes.

A lot of people appreciate the idea of freelancing i.e. selling their skillset from the comfort of their homes, where they are also being paid competitively well. With freelancing, there is a supplementing space and time for developing or learning new skills. Hence, if you could market these to sweep in a few extra hundred/thousand dollars, wouldn’t it be just the greatest idea?

Since the freelancing trend is catching on and is here to stay, it will be a great idea to stay abreast of the many new income streams that one could finally add to their mainstream revenue generation pursuit. So, in this blog post, we will be unveiling eight new income streams which could help you multiply your freelance revenue.

Let’s get started.

1. Freelance Writing/Blogging

The hottest of these freelancing gigs is one for freelance writers. They get to churn their creative or technical brain juices and earn a handsome pay for it, all from the comfort of their homes.

Content writing as a freelance skill has been around for a while now. Also, blogging has been heard of and talked about a lot. Yet, not a lot of people are aware of the right ways of monetizing either of them.

People who have a proven track record of working with research and data are some of the most well-paid content writers and bloggers in the market. They are able to sell off their skill-sets on the best freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. So, if you are new to blogging, you better brush up your skills and turn them into a money-making stream.

If you have a flair for writing but you are still not doing it, you can consider some online courses or eLearning platforms to enhance your skills-set.

2. HubSpot Marketing

If you have a knack for marketing, this is your best bet for supplementing your freelance income. With the help of several online certifications from HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform; you can rise and shine like an online marketing and sales professional who has an expert opinion about launching a product/service.

With major companies looking to hire independent contractors for such projects, HubSpot Marketing can work wonders for you.

3. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is simply defined as the act of creating, drafting, writing pieces, the creation of which is credited to somebody other than the original writer/author. So, if you think that you have impeccable writing skills and you don’t mind letting go of the writing credits, you can reach out to the interested clients who want to get stuff written for them.

The best part about this revenue stream is its handsome pay scale, in case you are dealing with a decent client, who has prior experience and an industry nerve.

4. Bitcoin Consultation

Bitcoin managed to capture the attention of the world as 2017 was about to end. Hence, people from around the world have been trying to make their bit through bitcoins which remain a highly controversial form of cryptocurrency.

So, if you are someone who has a working knowledge of how Bitcoins work and the ways and modes of investing in them, you have a huge market to tap. Just a plain Google search will take you to thousands of online requests which are seeking expert assistance for dealing with Bitcoins. In theory, Bitcoins are highly profitable; you can scoop out your share of additional freelance income here.

5. Social Media Management

The world is on a Social media rampage. With companies, agencies, brands, and individuals aggressively investing in digital marketing, Social media Management is not quite a new guy around the block.

Largely, you would be required to charge their social platforms with great content, maintain online reputation of the brand/Client, interact with the social media audience, and work out strategic moves for a great social media handling.

With subject matter expertise, Social media Management is easy money. If you chose to be a Social media management freelancer, you would be able to establish your identity as a proven digital media specialist and as well, earn additionally.

6. Online courses

Let us assume that you are a teacher who specializes in offline tutoring. Since you have some time to materialize, you can turn your classes into courses and sell them off to diversify your freelance revenue. These online courses can offer certifications, quizzes, notes, etc.

Just make sure that you market your courses on the right channel so that you have maximum leads, some of which are:

7. Influencer Marketing

  • Do you have a passion for beauty/photography/art/technology, etc.?
  • Are you active on Social media; platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest?
  • Do you have a substantial number of followers who look up to you for reviews or product recommendations?
  • Are you capable of creating blog content/video content for your followers?

If the answer is positive, you can add to your income through it. The prerequisites are that the relevant community should identify your passion and be ready to credit it to you. This way, you can do paid collaborations with reputed brands which are socially exciting.

8.Selling photos

Photography is one of the most commonly pursued professions of the young netizens. If you think you have the capability to capture photos which could be monetized, you can successfully create a new revenue stream for yourself.

Quite similar to the stock photos, these photographs will be the ones that are professionally shot by artists and creators, through the right angles and are the ones which inculcate interest in a segment of interested clients.  You can sell your photos on some of these platforms:

Bonus Mentions:

  • Domain selling: Buy and sell seemingly profitable domains.
  • Voice-over: Sell your voice talent for interested clients; specifically, podcasts.
  • Creating themes/Plugins: Choose website builders that work for you and then, create new themes, plugins, add-ons which are highly in demand. Might require coding knowledge.
  • Virtual Assistance: Assist a client from a remote location and help them manage assigned tasks.

Wrapping up:

If we go by the length and breadth of all the new income streams which are making their way into the freelance market, we might end up with a really long list. These income-generating streams require different talent, skill-sets, certifications etc. With the right guide at bay, you can just spend a month or a few before you kickstart the whole revenue generation model.

If you have other interesting income streams to talk about, kindly share them with us by dropping a comment below.

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Mark Coleman is a passionate writer, currently working as an Editor at MarkupTrend. Markup Trend offers free resources for developers, designers and webmasters and is updated daily. Mark is available for hire for product and business promotions.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.