About Us

BizzMark Blog was conceived as a joint effort of a number of experienced business and marketing bloggers and journalists, who decided to create a place on the internet where they could have their freedom to publish only what they consider to be the cream of the crop of business journalism.

Our name, which should remind you of the famous German chancellor, suggests our attitude – we want to publish quality content which attracts people because it is well written and informative. We want to become a reputable source of information to which people will turn when they want to discover the latests trends in business management, economy, small business strategies, finances and employment.

The mission of BizzMark Blog is simple – talk about the most relevant things in the world of business in an easily digestible but highly informative manner, which will provide professionals in this field with content worth reading, while at the same time introducing the complex field which is economy and finances to enthusiasts and people in need of information.

On these pages, you can expect deep analyses of current business trends written by our resident experts, as well as their personal commentaries and editorial opinion, all packed in a series of compact blog posts published on a regular basis for you to get back to whenever you need a dose of quality business content.

Here at BizzMark Blog we are all about opinion and perspective, not just our own, but yours, too. We would like to create an environment in which a constant dialogue between the authors and the audience would further improve upon the ideas featured on the blog. This is why we cordially invite you to join us here, as well as on social networks, on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Enough talk – now, let’s get to business!