Businesses carry out an advertisement for achieving various goals in their business, they use various advertising platform to place ads. Businesses use traditional venues such as general magazines, newspapers, etc to advertise their products or services, besides this, they also advertise on various media that help them to reach specific markets. According to the survey of 2019, 42% of small business entrepreneurs in the U.S. promote their business via email marketing while others use other marketing platforms for promoting their business. 

Businesses use social media sites for advertising when they want to advertise a portable communications device. They use various social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc as it offers a huge audience base to them. Investments done after social advertising worldwide is growing rapidly with each passing day, it was found that social advertising investment was around 32 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, which is expected to grow 48 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. The U.S. spent 14.8 billion U.S. dollars on social media ads. It was also found that the U.S. has the largest social media advertising market in the world in 2016. (Source)

What Do You Mean by Advertising?

Advertising is one of the most effective means of marketing, In 2015 the Worldwide spending on advertising was around US$529.43 billion. Projected distribution carried out in 2017 in which it was found that businesses spend 40.4% on TV ads, 33.3% on a digital advertisement, 9% on newspaper ads, 6.9% on magazine ads, and 4.3% on radio.  

Advertising can be carried in various forms which include audio and visual advertising. It helps businesses to target a particular group of community or people. Advertisement is not limited to a particular business, it can be used by everyone for promotional purposes. 

Various advertising media are used by religious organizations, government agencies, political parties, non-governmental organizations, etc. There is no doubt that advertisements can be carried out for promoting a business product or services, but apart from this, advertising can also be used for non-commercial purposes. 

Main Objectives for Carrying Out Advertisement

Advertisement is one of the best ways using which you can easily communicate with your ideal customers. It helps you to inform customers about your business product or service which is recently launched in the market. 

Advertising can be carried out for everybody including old, kids, and young, by advertising your product you can let them know how useful it is for them. Advertising can be done through various media, with different methods and techniques which suit your business. The objective of the advertisement can be different for every brand and organization.

Trial Objective

Startup mostly advertises with the trial objective. With this objective, they can convey a number of customers to buy their new service which is recently introduced in the market. They mostly use attractive and flashy ads to attract a particular group of customers to have a look at their products or services and purchase the same for trials.

Continuity Objective

Almost all the businesses are concerned about losing their customers, they want their existing customers to stick to their product or service. Hence with this objective, businesses advertise for that particular product or service. They also introduce something new in the existing product or service so that their ideal customers never think of leaving them.  

Brand Switch Objective

With the brand switch objective, you can easily attract those customers who are using the product and services of your competitor. You can try to convince numerous customers to switch to your brand from the existing brand which they are using currently. 

According to a survey of 2016, almost 45% of businesses stated that changing brand perception was one of their business objectives, they strongly believe that with this objective they can convey more customers to switch to their brand. 

Switching Back Objective

With this objective, businesses can easily attract their previous customers who have shifted to other brands due to one or other reason. The advertisers can use various advertising media to attract their previous customers, they can use different ways like some reworking in packaging, new advertising, discounts, etc. 

According to the result found by a survey in 2018, the main objectives for micro-business entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom include rapid and profitable economic growth for their business. They always concentrate on satisfying their existing customers rather than concerning growing their business worldwide. 

Role of Advertisement for Businesses

In this competitive age, advertisement plays a primary role in businesses. It is mandatory for businesses to advertise their business products or services online as well as offline. 

Availability of Wide Range of Advertising Options

Nowadays, advertisers have numerous options for promoting or selling their new ideas, products, or services. They can choose from a range of various available options like traditional radio, newspaper, or television ads, to attract the targeted consumer. Most of the businesses hire dedicated developers to get a digital solution for their business. In 2019, the investment done on technologies and services was around 1.18 trillion U.S. dollars, which is expected to grow more in the nearby future. 

By opting for digital solutions for the business, businesses can easily advertise their business online. Businesses can use various advertising platforms such as email marketing, banner ads, social media marketing, etc for promoting their business and converting their leads into sales. 

Brand Awareness

In this competitive business market, creating awareness is mandatory for all businesses. It not only helps businesses to build trust but it also helps them to create brand awareness among their potential customers. 

Businesses can easily create awareness about their product or services among their ideal customers, they can create awareness about their brand price, name, logo, etc. Brand awareness can be carried out by highlighting the pros of your product or services. 


In today’s challenging market, advertisement has become one of the most important elements for businesses to promote their product or service. Moreover, it also plays a primary role in the economic growth of the business. 

Due to increasing competition businesses need to promote their business in a proper way. And when it comes to promoting the business, ads play an important role. Advertisement helps to create a strong presence in the market and also helps to drive more customers towards the business. 

The main purpose of doing advertisements for businesses is to increase their business sales and earn a profit. Ads play an important role by creating awareness about your business among the targeted audience. Hence focusing on particular keywords in advertisement and placing the ads in a proper manner can create a difference for your business.

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