Goran MirkovicGoran Mirkovic is a Marketing Manager at AltusHost, a Netherlands-based Web Hosting provider with International presence that has been part of the European hosting scene since 2008. He’s an experienced online marketer, with dozens of amazing projects behind him. Goran’s specialty is content marketing. He has been using his words and colorful imagination to create commercial content for various types of clientele from all over the globe. Follow him or Twitter and LinkedIn, as well.

  1. What does it take to stay on top of the European web hosting?

Everything you got, basically. And a lot more. European web hosting is an extremely competitive niche, which means that even the smallest of details can make or break your brand. There are thousands of other companies that offer similar services as you do in this very price competitive market. Especially in Europe. It’s an overcrowded stage, filled with a lot of excellent companies who don’t fool around. They all determined and focused on doing everything in their power to rise above the crowd and push you out of competition. If you don’t stay alert and keep reinventing and upgrading your brand and service, your competitors will figure out what you still haven’t done for your customers, and use that against you to push you out of the picture. They’ll give them everything you’re not giving them, and thus – encourage them to switch teams.

You cannot allow that. That’s why we at AltusHost constantly try to be one step ahead of our competitors, and offer a type of service that isn’t usual for a company of our size and standard. We focus on solving problems for our clients, in a fast and effective manner. Next to that, we do our best to humanize our brand, and let the people meet the faces who sit on the other side of their screen. But, the most important of all – we measure customer retention, and work hard on constantly improving our service.

As far as we are concerned, every loyal customer is a king in our castle. Big, medium, or small – regardless of their size, every our client deserves the royal treatment, and we make it our no.1 priority to make sure that they know that.

  1. What would you say makes AltusHost stand out from the competition?

A lot of things, actually. First and foremost of all, we have total quality control of services that we provide to our clients. Unlike other companies, who resell servers from bigger providers, AltusHost has it’s own hardware and network infrastructure located in multiple data centers across Europe. All our servers are fully managed dedicated servers, so our clients don’t have to worry about running their server or fixing anything on their own. All they need to do is focus on their business, and we’ll take care of everything else concerning the stability and accessibility of their site.

Price/quality of our service ratio is more than satisfactory to all types of shoppers. Judging by the feedback we usually receive, most of our clients choose AltusHost because we possess the ability to meet their needs and budget at the same time. Apart from that, each client receives top notch Technical Support 24/7. Once you contact our award winning support team, it becomes instantly clear that you’re not just talking to a level 1 tech gate employee with an answer script. We are doing our best to serve our clients with the highest grade of professionalism that they deserve. Plus, we throw in that personal touch that really makes them see that we care about their business.

Goran Mirkovic: “AltusHost is a kingdom where every respectful client is treated as a king.”

All this aside, we truly invest a lot in our client education, and I think that this is one of the major things that separates us from our competitors. Knowing that the majority of our customers is made out of small to medium sized businessmen who want to make it big online, we do our best to feed them with intelligent and actionable advice via our blog and email on how to make the most out of their hosting and marketing efforts. So far, it’s been going great. Our blog is generating a lot of visits, and it’s steadily growing into a real content hub where people visit to learn about digital marketing, social media success, SEO, web design and web hosting (of course).

  1. When coming up with new services, what does your company focus on?

In web hosting, everyone is basically offering the same thing. The only thing that really sets companies here apart is the overall quality of software, infrastructure, pricing, and support. Everyone at AltusHost is dedicated to offering our clients the best in every single one of these aspects.

As with everything concerning our business, we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We go through all the feedback and look for data that will help us meet our client needs in the best way possible. User feedback is the cornerstone of our business. If you want to figure out how to satisfy your clients, all you really have to do is ask them what they want. If they’re, for example, complaining about disc space, you do your best to come up with an unlimited disc space package that’s in their price range, and so on, and so on.

Naturally, just like every other business out there, we don’t blindly obey our client requests. We take their comments into consideration, look what’s possible, and what’s not, and then do our best to come up with something that covers the best of both our worlds.

  1. In your opinion, what is in stall for the future of web hosting in Europe, and what are the speeds that we can expect to have?

Since the very beginning, we made it one of our main goals to follow up on trends and implement everything that’s currently getting attention in the web hosting world. Even though we think of ourselves as a company that is prone to experimenting and trying out new things, we still know that we cannot afford to fall behind. We don’t want our clients to feel like they’re being shortchanged by our business in any aspect.

Just like every other industry, web hosting went through a lot of changes, and I think that the biggest shift in our business are yet to come. As a company who plans to stick around for a long time, we have already started to replace HDDs with SSDs on all our services. Next to that, we have started to develop our own Cloud platforms. I think that this is where web hosting as an industry is going.

  1. When it comes to web hosting, the most important question is always security. How does your company deal with the ever growing and changing cyber threats?

We invest a lot in expanding capacity of our network as well as safety of our network, including one of the most Advanced DDoS protection on the European market. As a company that handles a lot of sensitive and important data, we need to make sure that our client’s information is always well protected. That’s why we use additional and licenced software that is able to identify all types of suspicious activity on our servers and network. Our technicians are trained to deploy all security protocols, which makes it nearly impossible for any type of threat to go under our radar and cause damage to any part of our business before we detect and neutralise it.

Posted by Marcus Jensen

Marcus is an Australian IT support professional with five years of experience behind him. He's running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He's SF and gaming fan, and has actually seen Star Wars 44 times.