Google+ still hasn’t reached the stardom of Facebook or Twitter, but it has a big potential to become an important means of communication. However, Google+ has changed and the way we use it needs to change accordingly. Nowadays, this social network is based on a different philosophy compared to other popular social media. Facebook is an all-inclusive, multi-purpose platform. Similarly, Twitter is meant for smooth and fast communication. Google+, on the other hand, inclines more towards enhancing swift and simple business interaction. In accordance with that, developing a convincing strategy for Google+ opens new paths towards seamless business growth.

Mind the changes

In order to simplify its functions and make it more user-friendly, Google+ experts have made some changes recently. Firstly, YouTube users don’t have to sign in to their Google+ accounts to post videos or make comments on this media channel. Secondly, the Google+ extension has been removed from AdWords, so that now you can’t include the data about your Google+ followers in your business ads.

Finally, the network has been divided into two separate services: Streams and Photos. According to an announcement made by Google’s high-ranking official Sundar Pichai, they want to nurture those two services, as well as Hangouts, in different ways, so as to improve their usability. Therefore, business owners planning a B2B Google+ strategy for this online network need to pay attention to those changes and direct their strategy in line with it.

Prepare the content

If you haven’t prepared compelling content for your business activities on Google+, it won’t yield the results you want. It will take some time to turn your blank profile into an eye-catching Google+ hub, but the result will make it a more attractive and relevant page. The most useful tool to achieve that goal is undoubtedly Google+ Collection. If you’re a cub in this league of experienced Google+ scouts, treat this feature as a portfolio of your published posts, works and various visual and audio features, as well as a showcase of your interests. Once a member of your Circles opens your very own Collection, they’ll see what your business has accomplished so far. Moreover, well-arranged Collection bits will inform them of your future plans, as well.

When it comes to its appearance, remember this tagline: default content is worthless in a B2B context. Therefore, personalize your Collection with your own images. For instance, photos of your team-building activities or business meetings will add to the professional looks of your Collection.

As the Guardian has nicely defined it in their post, Google+ is moving towards informative visual content and improved connectivity that will benefit its business community. Your content needs to comply with these trends.

Initial moves

Now that you’ve adorned your profile with inviting and resourceful content, start participating in communication on Google+. If you want to draw attention to your work, you have to inform other businesses about your existence and engage them to communicate with you, using some of the best B2B marketing and sales solutions there is. So, you need to start with posting comments to profiles of other businesses from your niche. They mustn’t be superficial or pointless. Always bear in mind that every comment you leave is like a bulletin that tells a lot about your business.

It means that leaving an impression of a successful and relevant brand will convince people to follow you profile and add you to their Circles. Moreover, they might even suggest working together on different projects.

Moreover, as you visit different business profiles, support your comments and the points you make with proper external features. For instance, posting links to in-niche articles from respected magazines or videos of similar content will help you defend your attitude. This image plays a huge role in establishing fast and fruitful communication with your new business contacts.

Ignite curiosity

Just like every social media effort, a successful campaign for Google+ aims at provoking different audiences to start following your brand. In line with that, the specific nature of this platform enables its users to create special groups of followers. Those special groups are called Circles. In practice this feature creates networks of interconnected profiles and Google+ personalities. The enterprises you decide to follow should belong to your field of work. Of course, whenever you spot an out-of-niche business that might be valuable for your future ventures, add it to your Circles and start communicating with them. The more circles you build using Circles, the better access you will have to the topics and companies you’re interested in.

Likewise, you’ll significantly reduce the possible noise in the communication channel, i.e. minimize your exposure to irrelevant streams. Since time is the most valuable raw material on the Internet, it has to be thriftily saved wherever possible. So, this option to categorize your followers and business associates in different ways will save your time on Google+ and increase your business productivity.

Impress the influencers

Although every business owner dreams big and has ambitions to overgrow the local level, the initial stages of business promotion require a certain degree of local approach, as well. While this will depend on the type of the business, only IT-businesses might not need such a start, while companies working in other fields should rely on the local forces first.

This is why establishing contact with some local influencers on Google+ should be one of the major goals in the first couple of months of your social media campaigning. By adding your local influencers to your Circles, you will influence your business partners and encourage them to join forces with your business.

What’s more, attending business conferences or even participating in the events where your influencers take part will also give you an additional opportunity to present your work to them. In addition, adding photos of you and those opinion-makers to your Collection will increase your popularity on the local level.

While it goes without saying that communicating with them online is a must, adding just a pinch of your offline joint efforts will add to your online business reputation, as well.

Increased search visibility

Unlike other social media, Google+ is owned by Google itself. Since this is also the most popular search engine, it’s clear that organizing your Google+ in accordance with some SEO guidelines will improve your business perspective. Here are some simple rules for Google+ pages that should improve your SEO status.

  • SEO title – it has to contain only your company name. Other info will look silly and, what’s more, damage the SEO value and potential of this feature.
  • Google+ page URL – you can obtain the modernized URL for your page. Go to the About section on your Google+ profile and choose the Links Click on your old Google+ URL and opt for getting a new Google+ URL. This link should be shared in every business correspondence.
  • Meta description – this will appear on the SERPS with a link to your business page. Make sure it contains the tagline from the Google+ page and a few keywords relevant for your business.
  • Inform the members of your Circles about your recent comments, blog posts or any other features via email. Some of them might share those posts, improving online visibility. Every share counts in the online business world.

Although the impact that Google+ business pages have on search engine results has waned, due to the altered function of the Authorship feature, the sole fact that Google+ and Google are parts of the same brand means that these two will influence each other in the years to come. This is why every business user of this network has to play their promotional cards in a smart way and promote their page through links and comments wherever possible.

Apart from that, you can also improve your local business promotion through some other useful Google features, such as the Google My Business Page.

Google+ posts as periodicals

You know how you can’t wait for your favorite magazine to hit the newsstands? Well, this is the exact feeling you need to evoke in your followers when it comes to your posts. On one side, if you publish too often, you will look needy. Besides, if you’re a serious business professional, you don’t have the time to spend so much time preying on social media.

On the other, you shouldn’t leave your page unattended for weeks. Depending on the size and range of your business, publishing 5-10 posts per week is the right rhythm. As you keep adding up-to-date, interesting features to your profile, your business will turn more and more followers to your business associates, ensuring improved brand positioning on the Google+ platform.

Apart from that, post interesting pieces on innovative technologies and important annual events from your niche. It would be perfect if you attend any of them in person and write a special report on that topic. The influencers and the followers alike will appreciate such efforts, just like the aforementioned photo posts from such events. Furthermore, if the former share such posts to their pages, it will skyrocket your popularity within their Circles.

Since Google+ has been undergoing significant changes over the last two years, we still can’t tell for sure what it will look like in the future. What we know, however, is that this platform remains one of the most widespread Google’s tools. Being so, it reaches and influences hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, business users can now use the rejuvenated functionality of Google+ to make thousands of business connections throughout the world. Implementing the steps presented in this post will make this process a smooth and effective project.

Posted by Emma Miller