Although most people emphasize the importance of trust between companies and their customers, there is another very important relationship that also has a strong impact on company’s business. Employees are company’s most valuable asset and building trust between them is the only way to secure business growth.

Relationship between managers and their subordinates should be founded on trust, which is sometimes very difficult to build. In order to win their employees trust, managers should:

Create personal connections

Trustworthiness of managers decreases as they go up, because they become reliant on many different people. When manager takes a position he/she is not viewed as another common folk, with whom employees can freely exchange ideas, fears and small talk, but as an avid controller and a person who will punish them if something goes wrong. Changing this perception is one of the ways managers can earn employees trust.
Managers need to engage in small talk with employees and get to know them. They also need to make them believe they are ‘one of the crowd’. This can be done by sharing some personal information about themselves and relating to each team member on a different personal level. Some employees have the same taste in music, others support the same sports team or visit same venues and manifestations. All of these are completely relevant topics on which managers can build small personal connections that will later reward them with more trust and understanding from their subordinates.

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Treat employees fairly

Managers shouldn’t pick favorites among employees and they should explain their reward criteria and stick to it. One of the worst types of managers are people who don’t have unique criteria and whose relationship with employees is overly depended on their mood. In office environment people recognize even the slightest favoritism and this leads to badmouthing.
Managers should fairly give credit to employees and should be ready to take the blame when needed. Employees don’t like bosses who take all the credit and ditch all the criticism. Giving fair credit to all team members is a great way to boost team’s motivation and assure them that they are working together to reach the common goal.

Be truthful and transparent

Manager’s transparency is something that employees value the most. They should share as much business information as they are allowed to. Although some managers tend to found their relationship with employees on need-to-know basis, this approach is wrong because it sparks negative rumours. Most companies use some kind of monitoring software, so managers have a pretty good insight into employee’s work. This kind of information should go both ways. When there is an information gap, employees will always try to fill it with negative thoughts. To stop this, managers need to share performance metrics, financial results and points made on board meetings, with their employees (if company policy allows them to do that).
They should also have enough integrity to tell them the truth anytime, even when the reality looks grim. Ability to share bad news with collective is another quality good manager needs to have and it helps them to build their integrity and to earn employees’ trust.

Uplift office communication to another level

Managers often lecture their employees in order to ensure that they will make good decisions. This approach is utterly wrong and managers shouldn’t act like they are school teachers. Instead, they should focus on inspiring employees with their own example. There are also many other ways how they can uplift office communication to another level. They can do it by congratulating them on their results and pay individual attention to each team member.
Good manager also need to be good listeners. This is one of the most important criteria for improving in-office communication. They shouldn’t jump in to respond, because fast and rough reactions from managers destroy employee’s self-confidence and make office communication much less open.

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Manager’s job is hard, but it also brings plenty of satisfaction. The sole idea that you were able to organize a team and direct its work towards success makes managers proud of their role. With constant work on improving office communication and employees’ trust, managers will be able to answer all challenges of this demanding and fulfilling job.

Posted by Emma Miller