As the labor market is rapidly changing on the global level, workers need to adapt to these ongoing changes if they do not want to lose that title workers. Due to pretty hazardous conditions that govern economy in many countries nowadays and the fact that wages are going down or simply losing their value, old-school steady jobs are not that common or wanted anymore. The trend in 2014 was instability of work places and pretty high tensions for those employees who were lucky to have a job. It seems that this year is not going to be too different in that sense. However, there is a minute light at the end of the tunnel and this light can give a completely different reflection of your current lifestyle. The name of that light is freelancing.


Work from your (sun)bed

The most intriguing and attracting feature when it comes to freelancing is the flexibility of work that few nine-to-five jobs can offer. If your work is not office-attached, you can work from your bed or even from a sun bed. You can stay at home, but you can also go to the terrace of the local café and enjoy a bright spring morning while working from there. Since freelancing is usually connected with IT-jobs, the only two things you need are a laptop and fair Internet connection.

Thanks to your freelancing job, you can work and travel from country to country, enjoying the beauties of the world. From Thailand to Cyprus to Spain, freelancing gives you the freedom of working from wherever you want. In addition to that, you do not have to spend money on business clothes, which is usually required when it comes to office jobs, but indulge in casual clothes.


Keen on self-discipline

We can start this paragraph with an honest warning – do not even try working as a freelancer if you do not have at least basic self-discipline. People whose work routine is not the most meticulous one manage to do what they are asked to when they are in an office, since they have supervision there. However, if there is not a strong authority behind them, his or her figure overshadowing them, it is highly probable that such people will be a real failure as freelancers. Only the ones who are ready to work hard on a daily basis and fulfill the requirements set by their employers should start freelancing. Although working from different parts of the world sounds great, the stress is on the word work and not the world.


Freelancing capability

In order to see if they are able to control the beauty of work freedom, everybody who wants to become a freelancer should make an easy test. They should try to combine their regular job and only bits of freelancing, for starters. If they see that they cannot meet even those small needs of their clients or employers, then it is clear that they are not suitable for such a living. It is very important to get to know yourself and see whether or not you are able to work as a freelancer; self-discipline and organization-wise. Leaving a steady job in 2015 on account of freelancing and then realizing that you cannot cope with it could be a terrible decision, because it might happen that the old work place has already been taken.


Large business potential

Freelancing via the Internet opens an incredible number of possibilities and business options. Today you can start in one field of work and as time goes by you can qualify for something else and even specialize in that other branch. The great thing about freelancing is that you are your own boss and you can make a fantastic work plan and improvement agenda. Nobody can force you to do anything, but you can literally create yourself as an expert and professional from scratch. Your career can be directed by your free will. On the Internet, the only criterion is whether or not you know how to do something. No matter if you are 16 or 76 years old, you will be hired to show your skills and earn your wages.  It might sound too idealistic, but freelancing does offer great chances for professional advancement and repairs on a personal level, as well. It is especially convenient for young people who are set to succeed and work. Of course, it includes hard work and constant work on your skills, but the feeling of being proud of yourself that you get in return is almost incomparable to any ordinary job.


Today every job should be appreciated, especially by those who have one. However, many people simply overgrow steady jobs, especially in state-owned companies, and strive to experience something exciting and tempting. Freelancing is the right place for such achievers and it would be a shame not to try this way of working. After all, you can always get back to your nine-to-give office buddies and commuter trains.

Posted by James D. Burbank

James D. Burbank has worked for years in traditional as well as online marketing. He has worked in Central Asia, Europe and Australasia for years, helping US-based companies exhibit at trade shows in those parts of the world, among other things. He’s been on the ground for years and for the last few years, he has also been working in online marketing. James is currently on well-deserved hiatus and blogs about his experiences, the stuff he’s learned and more. Business and marketing all the way. He is also a father of two and a huge Utah Jazz fan.