Nowadays, credit cards are quite a common way for obtaining necessary life goods and expanding one’s monetary power. Feel free to keep these credit lines open as long as you can make regular payments. But if you don’t play it smart or if unexpected problems pop out, you will find yourself heavily indebted. Here are some valuable pieces of advice regarding the payment of your credit card debts and, also, some interesting ways to obtain extra money for getting rid of these debts more quickly.


First and foremost, you need to make a strategic approach to paying off your debts – set goals, create plans, prioritize debts, trim unnecessary expenses, etc. – for you will not be able to manage it without a systematic organization.

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Arm yourself with patience because paying off high credit card debts usually takes a longer period of time. Lock your credit cards away and trust someone the key, so you wouldn’t be tempted to overuse them. Gain control over your spending! Trim all the unnecessary expenses and spend money on things you can do without, start tracking your expenses on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and these savings will provide you some extra cash that can be redirected to your debt reduction. Make minimum payments on those debts that have a low income rate, focus more on higher income rate ones and pay off all the small balances first due to the psychological effect of seeing yourself making progress, which will additionally motivate you.


A great way to paying off credit cards is making automated loan payments. Instead of getting lost in the payment chaos, make all of them run from one place and take some of the worries out of the way. In this way, you will be paying your installments on an automated bi-weekly basis and will pay off your debts rather quickly.


Besides organizing your payments and saving money, there are various interesting ways of procuring additional cash influxes to your piggy bank. First and most obvious in, of course, getting another job. Every extra dollar you earn is significant, so if you have some abilities that you can cash in, don’t think twice and put some extra effort.


There are simple jobs that are usually consisted of providing simple services. Babysitting and dog walking are, basically, jobs that most people do during their teenage years, but you shouldn’t give up on them. You can easily organize your additional work time in the afternoon and, what is most important, you won’t wake up exhausted the next morning, but fresh and prepared for the new work day, because these jobs are not that much energy consuming.

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If you are crafty with the internet, there are some great payable jobs that might be beneficial to you. Having a job of, let’s say, a virtual assistant means that you will check your employer’s e-mails, schedule appointments and make any kind of required arrangements. The need for translators is increasing fast due to more globally expanding businesses, so if you are fluent in more than one language, you can earn by translating documents or live video conversations.


Spend your weekends tutoring, if you got the knack for foreign languages, math, chemistry or any kind of social science. If you are handy with design and skilled with graphics and website developing, you can creatively spend nights in providing visual solutions to your clients and making a profit on helping someone create one’s own brand.


Eventually, look around through your possessions, see if there is something that is no useful to you anymore and make a garage sale. Old household appliances, technology, furniture, clothes and, basically, whatever you don’t need that might be useful to someone else may bring you a few-hundred-dollar profit.


Be strategic in organizing the payments of your credit card debts. Avoid making minimal payments and put up some extra effort. Soon, you will have debt free credit cards and, therefore, more monetary power.

Posted by Sophie Andersen

Sophie is a Sydney based writer who loves to write about all home-things. She's running her own home business for the past five years and has huge experience in managing finance and investment issues. She loves to share that knowledge and help other women to start her own career.