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The arrival of Digital Era and the mass adoption of e-commerce changed the way we think of business and more importantly, how we do business . Although the rise of the Information Technologies is hardly fresh news, its consequences are difficult to assess because changes are still undergoing and they occur over the night. One thing is for sure, though. The playing field is more leveled and competition is denser than ever before. Naturally, means for grabbing customer’s attention and affection became equally elaborate. So, let’s take a second to see what is brewing on the horizon and how the marketing battles will be fought in 2016.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Brands have overgrown their original molds and became more concerned with ideas than the very product or service. Because of that customer engagement rarely ends at the checkout line and businesses have to create new touch points between them and customers and market themselves through them. So, whenever some new marketing channel opens, brands will have to fill in that void with appropriate, yet cohesive message in order to stay relevant and harness the power of multi-channel engagement.


Social Media

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Enhancing the Customer Experience

People like convenience, especially if they need to spend money. Therefore, it is impossible to seek customer loyalty without investing in the experience. Unfortunately, positive customer experience cannot be attributed to some specific action or perk. Finding the magic formula for pleasing customers takes some time and money, and businesses are becoming aware of that. As a matter of fact, by the end of 2017, we will see 50% of product investment projects redirected to customer experience innovations.

The Mobile-Oriented Customer Experience

With over 2 billion smartphones currently in use, it is easy to see how the chain of events that led up to the Mobilegeddon was set in motion. Still, while the dust around infamous Google’s move may be settling, the fact remains that smartphones are and will be even more our go-to web search devices. In the near future, mobile search will generate almost 30 billion more queries than desktop search. Businesses that stayed behind the curve will eventually have to play a catch-up game and finally improve the customer experience on their websites.

Loyalty Incentives for Actions

There is nothing new about the gamification as the mean for stimulating repeated purchases. Still, the novelty of stacking up the points in order to earn some tangible reward is slowly waning. Because of that, the old purchase-based rewarding system is being replaced with the action based system, which prompts customers to take participation in charity, various real-life activities, and small brand-related games that are far more engaging than repeated purchases.

Emotion-Based Loyalty Improvement

Brand loyalty is rarely based on the cold facts and reason. With the current state of branding being more concerned with everything but the product, we could say that brand-loyalty will become even more emotion-based as the time goes by. It will be up to brands to harness the extensive data about their customers, discover what makes them emotional, and find a way how to associate those intangible emotions with their products or services.

Posted by Stacey Cooper