For those who have just began their online journey of creating a website or blog, it can be quite a daunting task when considering how to start generating traffic. This article takes a look over some basic tips that every newcomer should implement into their digital marketing strategy. Let’s begin.

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Blogging Links

There are many blogs available online that spread-out to every niche imaginable. Begin targeting blogs that have a strong link profile and fit your own website’s topic. Offer to contribute some good quality content, this is where you’ll be able to place your link. The real issue with this strategy is the fact that it’s time consuming, however, if your budget will stretch, then you can use a reliable blogger outreach service.


Time for you to get creative, info graphics enable viewers to learn from a beautifully made image. With the main aim of educating a user to something specific, such as “How to train a dog a new trick is easy steps”, this type of promotion has many advantages. You should always remember that info-graphics have the potential to go viral, and this is the main reason you need to give this a go. If you aren’t creative, then there are many services available that will design something amazing. Essentially, sites will link back to yours and you can also submit to the many info-graphic directories.

Web directories

Don’t go too crazy with this one. However, don’t ignore getting placements with some of the better ones, either. You’ll come across services that promise to give you 100s or 1000s of listings – avoid this. DMOZ and BOTW are two to defiantly consider. After all, it’s another way to drive traffic to your website whilst also increasing the incoming links.

Social Media

This one seems like a no-brainer. Many people are now engaging with social media to some degree, and this is why you’ll want your business to be somewhat active on the main platforms. Create a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Ensure that you post interesting information and topics to help engage fans, this will have a positive effect and bring new users to your blog or website.

Optimize your site

Simplicity is an area that Google and other search engines like when it comes to navigating around a website. What’s more, a mobile and tablet friendly site is a must in 2016. If your site doesn’t comply with these basics, then you should expect to see a negative affect with your search rankings. Also check to see how your meta-tags are structured (title and descriptions).

Don’t use spammy methods

Google has hammered down on webmasters who used blackhat methods to build links. Spamming 1000s of forums once had a positive effect on search rankings, yet the same cannot be said today. Stay clear of this and ensure you use natural and clean ways to increase your exposure; remain organic.

This quick article should help you to get started. Which strategy will you be taking? Be sure to leave your ideas and feedback within the comments further down the page.

Posted by James D. Burbank

James D. Burbank has worked for years in traditional as well as online marketing. He has worked in Central Asia, Europe and Australasia for years, helping US-based companies exhibit at trade shows in those parts of the world, among other things. He’s been on the ground for years and for the last few years, he has also been working in online marketing. James is currently on well-deserved hiatus and blogs about his experiences, the stuff he’s learned and more. Business and marketing all the way. He is also a father of two and a huge Utah Jazz fan.