Have you ever felt that someone is mocking you just out of fun? Or that one is being rude or impolite just to test your nerves? This is a classic behavior of a troll, and while the internet is on the rise, so are the trolls, haters, spammers, and all other sorts of pestilences. In order to improve your business, you need to deal with them, and that will happen sooner or later. So, read on my guide, and find out what you could do.

What are trolls?

Image courtesy of http://hackinformer.com/

Image courtesy of http://hackinformer.com/

While many people might think about trolls as a fantasy art figures, modern trolls are simply people who spend their time sitting on the other side of the keyboard, and nag. That’s their purpose, to get on someone’s nerves, and the reasons for this can be various. Too much spare time, the mental frame, lack of socializing, causes are numerous. There is one thing you must strictly distinct, people with real problems, suggestions and issues are often misunderstood for trolling, and their problems are being overheard. This leads to bad image for your company, and you wish to avoid this. Those who have real problems will often say so. “This happened to me, can you help?” is the frame by which people will problem or issue will address you. “You are a bad company, lol!” statement is something said just for drawing attention, and what you do afterwards, makes an image about you.

How to deal with social media Trolls and save your business?

Image courtesy of:  http://www.jpost.com/Blogs

Image courtesy of: http://www.jpost.com/Blogs

There are many things you could do, but not all are effective. General rule is not to “feed the Trolls”, but to ignore them, and they will go away. But this rule is not good enough. I prefer that of Sun Tzu, and his book “The art of War” :

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

That is what you need to do.

Respond to every question possible, every tread, comment and line, and in polite way. You will need sometimes iron nerves, but this is a long path, you must undergo. Your company will benefit in numerous ways. Those who are trolling, will see that you are not afraid of them, that you are in charge of conversation, and will go away. Public display of courage and care for your customers, no matter their intentions, will give those who like you incredible trust, so they will know that you are available. Moreover, sometimes you will see happen that troll actually becomes your customer. All you need to do is to stay calm, and not to take things personally. Ultimately, others read what you write, and quite often they will point you to the problem.


If you have a forum on your web site, be sure that you have rules set transparent and clear. It is great piece of advice to protect and focus other users of your forum. Any breaking of rules should meet personal message of warning from administrator. There user should be asked if they have real issue you should handle. If you see that you have troll on your hand, leave him be for time. Next breaking of rules should give you the right to ban him from the forum. On the other hand, if your company is mentioned in bad manner on other social media, the best thing is to intervene. Again. Something similar to “troll the Troll”. Don’t be afraid to state what you have, and stick to your decision. Build the image of your company on facts, and don’t be scared to admit your mistake. “Yes, we made mistake, here is what we will do to set things straight.”, is great line to deal with angered customer. And also it brings positive reaction from the rest of the audience. You just turned the tables into your advantage.

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