Modern technologies allow you to do business in your homeland while attracting customers in China, the USA, or Europe. But attracting does not mean retaining. To build a long-term relationship with a brand, people need to understand your product and get all the information they need, preferably in their language. A multilingual marketing strategy is a challenge, as it is necessary to consider national characteristics and language legislation and build processes for each language separately. The article will discuss the reasons for the need for a multilingual marketing strategy for your business.

The internet is full of foreign languages

The number of websites on the global network is difficult to count. Leading industry analysts agree that at the beginning of 2020, there were about 1.3 billion of them. At the same time, approximately 200 million of them are alive and regularly filled with new content. These are colossal numbers! More than 4.5 billion people on the planet today are Internet users. Some of them also act as developers and content creators. It would be logical to assume that representatives of a particular country or people have at least a semblance of proportional presence among Internet users. Not all of them speak English.

Content in your native language is convenient

Readers love to understand. If complex information is explained in their native language, a person will return to the website repeatedly. CSA Research analyzed the language preferences of B2C and B2B consumers in 29 countries (including those for whom English is not their first language) and found that 65% of users prefer content in their native language, even if its quality is worse. 40% of consumers won’t buy in other languages, and 73% want to see product reviews in their language.

High-quality translation increases customer confidence

The right approach to translation can ensure that your clients receive consistent and reliable service across all of your digital channels. The human translation service will be the ideal solution when you choose a translation solution. Why? Your brand in foreign markets should have the same message, values, tone, and mood. It must also demonstrate a personalized approach tailored to the markets of the countries you operate in so that your customers can see that you know them well, understand their needs, and provide the highest quality service.

You are targeting a new audience

If a company wants to enter the international market, then a multilingual marketing strategy will significantly strengthen relations with foreign clientele. This is understandable: foreign languages in business provide an opportunity to expand the number of buyers. Companies that invest in multilingualism attract an audience with a broad worldview and intercultural experience.

You become unique

A multilingual marketing strategy will help grab the attention of a potential customer and trigger the desired action! And you need to do it earlier than the competitor! And more efficient than the competitor. Imagine now how many messages about different goods and services enter our brain. And the uniqueness of the method works great if you hit a key client with an urgent need.

Increasing traffic to your business website

Getting traffic is the biggest challenge that every website or business owner faces. With multilingualism, you can attract social media followers to your site. A large proportion of consumers who experience positive brand services on your site will recommend it to others. Use it.

Leading to an increase in online sales

Unfortunately, it is not enough to add a couple of languages to increase online sales. In this case, you need a set of strategies: you can change the appearance or content of the resource and then track which of the options was in great demand. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Marketers often use it to increase the volume of products sold.

Reduce operational costs

Cutting business expenses is a good strategy in difficult times. During a crisis, many companies are faced with the need to quickly adapt their business to changing conditions to maintain its efficiency, thereby solving the issue of survival. In these conditions, the most important questions for management are – how can you reduce costs? Very simple – do not overpay twice! Once trusting the human translation service, the problem is solved at once.

In conclusion

Indeed, a multilingual strategy multiplies a marketer’s efforts just as much as it includes languages. But it can bring much more – easy passage of the client’s path and loyalty. And modern tools will help to optimize processes. The more advanced the work with the data, the easier it is to make multilingual mailings. The main thing is not to narrow the focus to the messages themselves. Each stage should correspond to the language of communication of a particular contact.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.