Working from the comfort of your home sounds like an ideal situation. Technological advancements have allowed businesses to leverage remote work and hire people from all over the world. Also, without technology and its innovations, remote work wouldn’t be possible in the first place. Nowadays, we have fast computers and fast internet connections that make working from home as simple as child’s play. However, is it really a good idea to let your employees work from home?

work from home

This can be a particularly difficult question to answer if you’re an old school business owner and an “everyone should be in one place so I can watch over them constantly and make them feel uncomfortable” type of person. But, working from home has many benefits for both the employer and employees. Sure, some make take advantage of the opportunity to slack off, but the fact is that working from home makes employees happier and more productive. Here are a few reasons why your employees should work from home.

More flexibility

Employees that work from home have an opportunity to be more flexible. Their working hours may still be 9 to 5, but if they waste half an hour to take their kids to school or make them some breakfast, they can make up for the lost time during the day or continue working after hours. Furthermore, it allows employees to be more comfortable because they can work in their pajamas or simply forget to brush their teeth that day and not feel anxious about it.

Increased productivity

Your employees will feel happier at home. There is no code of conduct, no formal dress code and most important of all, no driving to an office and back, which eliminates road rage and being stuck in traffic. Moreover, home sweet home improves the overall employee mood and makes them more productive. Studies have shown that there is a 13% increase in productivity of employees that work from home. Employers can easily monitor the productivity using a reliable reporting tool and track the growth themselves.

Improved work-life balance

In today’s world, employees feel additional pressure. Employers expect work to be completed regardless of the obstacles or difficulties that may stand in the way. In most cases, that pressure leads to working extra hours, employee burnouts and a decrease in motivation. An employee’s work-life balance and relationships begin to suffer and their productivity goes down the drain. Allowing employees to work from home eliminates that extra pressure and improves work efficiency.

Cut costs on office space and supplies

The more employees you have working from home, the less office space and supplies you’ll need. You can still have a central location for important meetings and conferences, but that office can be reduced to bare minimum. That way, you’ll pay less for rent, utility and maintenance bills. Furthermore, with the help of technology, you won’t even notice that your employees aren’t in the office, except that you won’t be able to actually see them. There are tools for project management and collaboration that bring everyone together even if they are working from home.

Your employees will be more engaged

Providing your employees with additional comfort and flexibility of working from home means that you care for your employees’ mental health and wellness. In turn, it will make them more engaged and loyal to your organization. Engaged employees are not just more productive, but more efficient and effective at what they do. Furthermore, to most your employees, the opportunity to work from home and make money in the process is a dream come true and they would rarely pass on such an opportunity.

Remote work is now easier and simpler than ever. It allows business owners to hire smart and talented people from all over the globe, while it gives employees the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. Remote work is beneficial for everyone and leveraging it may lead your business to success much faster than you might expect.

Posted by cooper klein