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Carly Fiorina

5 Habits of Successful Women in Business

Have you ever wondered are there any special skills and tactics that successful women used in order to get where they are now? The answer is yes. We cannot say that there is something that guarantees success, yet we can...

/ July 3, 2015

How to Network Like a Boss

The key to success in any line of work is not a singular thing which can be easily pinpointed. It is a set of different abilities and factors which need to be all at admirable level in order for things...

/ June 26, 2015

Learn a Thing or Two from Elon Musk

The Man Who Will Change the World The business and entrepreneurship world has a long history of spawning people who went on to become superstars, like Richard Branson or Steve Jobs, but very few of them became actual superheroes.  As...

/ June 12, 2015

Be Your Own Boss: The Basics of Freelancing

In this economy climate with dozens of people applying for one available position, many think of alternative ways of employment – relocating to other cities, changing professions, starting their own small businesses. Another popular choice is freelancing: you can do...

/ June 10, 2015

Napoleon Hill: Father of Modern Business

  Napoleon Hill was born on October 26, 1883. Very long time ago, right? And now you probably wonder how this guy could have the great impact on modern business. Well he could because he was a genious. He was...

/ April 12, 2015

Shane Smith’s Truth Was His Road To Success

In today’s world, with such massive amount of media houses and services everywhere, is it even possible for one to start from the scratch and reach the very top? If asked this question directly, most people would probably answer that...

/ March 25, 2015

10 Ways To Make Inspirable Workspace

  Modern society is organized in such manner that we are forced to suffer stress on a daily basis. This modern pestilence is in tight connection to productivity of work, and to avoid your results on work to decline, here...

/ January 30, 2015

Making The Best Out Of A Business Meeting

  The business meetings are the pinnacle of team work. Whoever had to sit through a painstakingly long business meeting should understand why is it important to behave professionally and make the effort easier for others as well for themselves....

/ January 21, 2015
Female Entrepreneur

The New Digitalized Work Environment For Female Entrepreneurs

New Australian online network, CloudPeeps, is there to connect female investors and entrepreneurs. CloudPeeps was born thanks to the partnership with Scale Investors and its aim is to support gender equality as well as the Australian economy. There are stereotypes...

/ December 21, 2014

Becoming An Entrepreneur After 50

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur has become one of the most popular trends in 21st century. But do you need to be young and aspiring in order to successfully run your own business? Prime (The Prince’s Initiative for...

/ December 18, 2014