Today, we are doing something a bit different on BizzMarkBlog. Namely, we will be featuring a success story about one of Europe’s Academic Service Heavyweights – ACAD WRITE, a business that started with a truly modest initial investment and grew into the household name it is today.

So, without further ado, here is their story. Enjoy!

Successful entrepreneurs see a need and find a way to fill it in the best way possible. Every successful business has a niche audience that serves as a customer base. Dr. Thomas Nemet is one such successful entrepreneur. He saw a need for academic writers to assist students who are pressed for time and who are juggling real life responsibilities, such as parenting or working at a full time job, along with their academic responsibilities.

Dr. Nemet has capitalized on a niche audience of students who do not have enough time to complete their scientific research papers and essays. Although his critics could argue that it is technically unethical and academically dishonest, Dr. Nemet’s response is that if he didn’t offer the service someone else would.  Also, the clients are responsible for how they use the services that his thriving business provides.

Dr. Nemet’s commitment to providing a quality service and layers of security for anonymity has made his business one of the fastest growing in the ghostwriting industry. ACAD WRITE’s private SSL-secured communication system and a plagiarism check ensures that ACAD WRITE’s clients do not have to fear being exposed as using a ghostwriting service.

ACAD WRITE was launched as a small business in 2004 in Eastern Germany. Dr. Nemet’s minimal initial investment of 500 euros has definitely paid off. In 2006, he expanded his business to include writing services in English. In 2008, he launched his social media campaign on Facebook to reach more students in need. During 2009, his innovative communication tool known as the ACAD office was launched.

The company’s innovative approach to the academic ghostwriting process has garnered many repeat customers. Some ACAD WRITE clients request assistance throughout their academic careers. This has helped expand the small business into an international powerhouse in the academic ghostwriting industry.

From help with writing a dissertation for doctoral candidates to custom essays for students enrolled in baccalaureate programs, ACAD WRITE provides assistance to students in every academic field and phase of academia. Dr. Nemet’s ingenious way of easing student tensions as they face the dreaded term papers, theses, or literature reviews has catapulted him into a million dollar business that circles the globe.

The political turmoil of the Causa Guttenburg caused an unexpected surge in requests for writing assistance in Germany, but that was only the start of ACAD WRITE profitability upswing. By 2012, ACAD WRITE had opened affiliate offices in New York, Salzburg, Sydney, and London. The ghostwriting industry customer base has expanded from a niche audience of students in the university to other corporate entities that devise projects that necessitate help with writing tasks. Other businesses, such as an American hospital chain, have determined that the services provided by ACAD WRITE are beneficial.

Dr. Nemet’s entrepreneurial endeavor as a service-oriented ghostwriter started as filling a niche need for German university students has become a vibrant frontrunner in a multimillion dollar global industry.

Posted by James D. Burbank

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