If you have a business, one of the most important plans to improve your business is marketing. There are many ways in marketing. Today, social media marketing becomes the most popular option. It is a technique of marketing where you offer your products from social media. In fact, people cannot live without social media today. That is why this will be really effective. However, this marketing method should be done carefully. There are many tips that you have to consider.

Use Various Social Media

The first tip is to use various social media. You must have as many as social media to promote your business or products. The most popular social media for marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Black Berry Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, you can also need other ideas of social media such as Line, YouTube, Kakao Talk, and there are still many others. By using all social media you have, you can promote your products effectively. That is why it is considered as one of the best social media marketing tips.

Run Facebook Ads

From various kinds of social media, Facebook is considered as one of the most effective options for marketing. Actually, you can promote your products using Facebook freely. However, to boost the effectiveness, I recommend you to run Facebook Ads. Even though it requires you to pay, it belongs to the best social media marketing ideas because it is really effective. With Facebook Ads, your promotion can reach much more people faster. So, you do not need to worry to pay a little if you know you will get much more.

Insert Photos or Videos

To attract people, you have to know about marketing language. You have to write what you promote as attractive as possible. However, it is not enough. Sometimes you need to insert photos or videos to make people interested. Even more, a survey shows that advertisements that include photos or videos are much more effective than advertisements that do not include any photo or video. So, just write simply to make the people understand and insert a photo or video to attract the readers. This tip is very important for social media marketing.

Offer “Tag a friend”

If you promote your products via Facebook, you can indirectly invite other people by offering “Tag a friend”. You can invite the readers to tag a friend who relates to the product or photo or video included on the ads. For example, when you promote a purple dress, invite the readers by saying “Tag a friend who love a purple dress” or something else. You can make the language as interesting as possible. With this tip, there will be more people who read your ads. That is why it is considered as one of the most effective social media marketing plans.

Respond to the Customers

If you post something to promote your products, of course there are many people who comments or order your products. So, you have to respond it friendly and fast. Sometimes, you need to reply if someone asks about something related to your products. If someone orders your products, you have to process it soon. Your response should make the customers comfortable and they become your loyal customers. Whatever the business and social media used for marketing, you must show friendly-response.

Run “Reactions” for Vote like, love, wow, angry, sad, haha

If you use Facebook for advertising, there are many features of reaction offered. You have to run reactions to invite the readers to give their responses. Besides “like”, the readers can also react with “love”, “wow”, “angry”, “sad” or “haha”. So, you know what the customers want. It affects to what you offer in the future.

Avoid Broadcasts

The most common mistakes in social media marketing is sending broadcast. However, it is often done by many people especially those who become online seller. Broadcast is really annoying so that you must avoid it. However, you should offer and update your product regularly such as by posting on Facebook, Tweeter, etc. Use sentences that make people interested. Avoid too long sentences or ads because it also makes people annoyed. Hopefully your business can grow fast with the right marketing using social media.

Posted by David Wiliam Webb