Over the years digital marketing has continued to change and adapt, with the dynamics of interaction and marketing products to also adapt their styles and techniques. Search is based on an algorithm which has greatly improved its initial approach since the inception in 1990. Many of the old tactics of SEO and internet marketing have grown exist and not as effective as they were three years ago.

In 2016 it will be imperative for marketers and business owners to realize SEO is not dead, but poor outreach methods are. I own a San Diego SEO & Marketing Boutique and have found that most clients do not truly get these simple key principals right with their train of thought of how it works. Outreach and getting more brand exposure online needs to be less of a direct measure process and treated more like human interaction and how we build relationships with those offline. Take these examples below, most clients utilize them in an adverse way.

Effective Usage of Niche Communities

These are integral to a well-rounded search marketing campaign in 2016. I believe the internet combined with Marketing opportunities has caused an influx of garbage and content overload. This means that at one point circa mid 2000’s digital marketers realized the potential to push a large quantity of content out and reap the benefits. Eventually, the space was saturated and nowadays even with stellar content, promotion is an absolute must to get it in front of the right audience. So here we are. Now more than ever authenticity online is powerful in the realm of anonymity. And this is why niche communities are going to be imperative in 2016.

Niche communities are like offline relationships in the fact that you must get acquainted and build a rapport with the group to build your respect and likeability/trust. This in turn creates the new form of sharing content, promoting to influencers, etc. First, you must identify your niches forums or communities and begin orientation. Be reasonable in the sense that this will take time, patience and mainly authentic, value driven contribution. Some examples of great niche communities I’ve personally connected to broadened my digital reach were:

  • Quora
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Niche Sites

Outreach Process & Strategy

For any businesses that do not believe in SEO it is mainly because they or the SEO they hired was not effective at outreach. This has changed drastically over the years and now more than ever it is important that brands and businesses realize how it works. Here are my top tips to getting your outreach strategy to be more effective.

  • Create Valuable Information First On-Site – E-books, intriguing blog posts, solution based forms or assistance to users to share. These will pay off as you will have much more valuable contextual links in topics you may write about in the future.
  • Allocate a block of hours, schedule and organized inbox – Create a formal email to use strictly for outreach and a person that will man this project an hour a day at least. Be patient as response are very seldom and just stick it out for the long run.
  • Make it Easy for Your Respondents – Have great content and images (royalty free) that are relevant to the post if you do happen to get in touch with influencers. They are extremely busy and do not have time to help you post.
  • Do Not Be Strict On Timeline – This is a lengthy process and although you may want to see results in 4-5 months do not expect to have a certain number of guest posts or links published by an exact date. Webmasters are busy and negotiating content isn’t a button you press on and off, it is continual conversation to find the right topic and piece.

So there you have it, here are some effective tips to tweak and use differently in 2016 if you aren’t already doing so. Marketing is and always continues to change, so it is imperative to change your ideology and execution of strategy along with this.

This was a guest post from Cody Bollerman, digital marketing consultant from San Diego, CA.

Posted by Nate M. Vickery

Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He has a degree in marketing and almost a decade of experience in company management through latest technology trends. Nate is the editor-in-chief at bizzmarkblog.com.