If you google new ways to help improve your SEO, one of the main pieces of advice you will get will be to gain good quality backlinks for your website through a variety of means, including pitching journalists.While this works in the short term, it isn’t a very scalable process as you are always relying on the same kinds of websites to keep generating content that is relevant to your business.

In this article, we will go one step further and explore how you can leverage HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to generate even more PR for your business and help your SEO in the process.

Expand Your Knowledge

When many people start using HARO, they tend to only focus on articles that are being written that are directly relevant to their business. This is great on a small scale as you will be able to gain links from hyper-relevant websites on a topic that you really are considered an expert in. However, you can go further with this.

Let’s say, for example, that you are a furniture manufacturer. You may be able to gain 1-2 links per month purely on furniture. However, there is a super quick technique to double or even triple the number of links you’re getting: expand into interior design. There are more people writing articles on interior design than furniture alone, so there’s an opportunity there to use your expertise in the furniture sector, but link that to interior design.

Build Relationships

When I first started using HARO for my SEO strategy, I was more than happy just to write a quote for any article that came along that was relevant, and that was the end of it. However, I have recently realised that building relationships with the people that choose to use your source is a great way to add even more links to your website.

The chances are that, if they wrote about a certain topic, they will write about it in the future, and all you need to do to gain access to that is one simple email. If someone writes to you to thank you for your quote and that they have used it in an article, simply email them back thanking them and ask to be kept informed on any future posts they might write on this topic. That way, you can go straight to the ‘horses mouth’ and cut out the middleman (HARO, in this case). This is a great way to increase the number of links from, relatively, the same amount of work.

Take a look at this guide about how to gain good PR exposure for your business.

Use Other Websites

While HARO is generally considered to be the main source generator website, there are lots of other options out there. It is worth subscribing to other websites such as Source Bottle and PressQuest. These websites will publish press requests on the same kinds of topics, from a whole host of different potential sources. This gives you even more of a cache when looking for websites to share your expertise on.

In Conclusion

HARO is a fantastic source of quick links for a wide array of websites. However, you can use HARO even more to your advantage for the purposes of link building with just a few simple additional steps on your part. We like to think of it like you are getting a lot more value, for not very much extra work.


*This article was contributed by Ryan Jones of Imaginaire Digital – a web design agency in Nottingham, UK.

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