Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ability of machines to act in ways that resembles human intelligence; of course, machines are capable of much higher processing loads per unit of time. This field has exceptional potential for digital marketing. Because of the benefits of artificial intelligence, businesses and organizations are shifting to the AI platforms to benefit from its cutting-edge applications. 

Previously, only large businesses with sufficient budgets could afford to reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With time and technological advancements, it has become increasingly affordable and now even a small firm can access Artificial Intelligence by using publicly-available algorithms or off-the-shelf machine learning services. This has made it easy for any business to gather useful insights as well as create prediction models based on customer behavior.  

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

Nowadays, businesses are in search of unique solutions to keep their sales engine running round the clock. They have been using combined digital marketing strategies to get their business flourishing. In this scenario, artificial intelligence and digital marketing efforts have contributed to businesses and individuals would have never been imagined in the earlier days. We have pointed out some simple yet crucial ways Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing has benefited us:

  • Artificial Intelligence is highly efficient
  • It saves a lot of time
  • It’s cost-effective and has lower chances of errors
  • It enables businesses to achieve key breakthroughs

When a business seeks the help of artificial intelligence for various digital marketing strategies, it will successfully reach out to a large customer base with effective digital marketing efforts. And this will further lead to the overall growth of the business or digital marketing company. Often, businesses waste a lot of resources in identifying the best ways to reach out to. The use of artificial intelligence will save a lot of precious time for businesses and this could be redirected to strategic business development.

The use of AI has significantly reduced the chances of errors as most of the work is done by intellectual machines that analyze as well as solve large volume data. This way it reduces cost and saves time. Also, artificial intelligence has enabled individuals to overcome the blind spots and achieve the impossible, it effectively predicts defects before they happen. 

How to Boost Digital Marketing Efforts Through Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing go hand in hand. Through the effective ability to collect large amounts of data, analyze them, apply them and finally learn from them, Artificial Intelligence has been transforming the digital marketing approaches and strategies. As technology advances, the capabilities of using artificial intelligence will also improve digital marketing strategies and valuable customer insights for businesses.

How artificial intelligence significantly boosts a company’s digital marketing efforts and the benefits of artificial intelligence are pointed out below:

  • It predicts the behavior of customers of any business
  • It reduces load time by use of AMP
  • It delivers a personalized experience to its customers
  • It unlocks new opportunities for marketers
  • It scales up content marketing

How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing?

Below we have listed how artificial intelligence is changing digital marketing for the betterment of the business world and even our society at large.

  • Providing a better experience to customers
  • Predicting customer behavior
  • Real-time customer support

Better User Experience

The most crucial and mentionable aspect of a successful digital marketing approach is the effective customer experience that a business should aim at. When users or customers find that the digital content is quite relevant, it’s most likely that they become loyal and recurring customers and also maintain their brand loyalty throughout. Artificial intelligence significantly supports collecting data as well as for deciding which content is more applicable based on factors such as location, past data, and customer behavior. With this simple act, customers get the impression that the brand was explicitly built for them.

In the retail sector, Artificial Intelligence is highly preferable as it acts as a game-changer for online shopping experiences along with innovative advancements, especially where a customer can actually “try” a product before his/her actual purchase. Presently, some apps are also available where a customer can try on garments to check out how they look on them without even stepping into a store. Such privileges mean less dissatisfied customers, a lower rate of returns as well as higher online engagement to a brand.

Predictive Customer Behavior

Besides personalizing customer experience based on past data and behavior, artificial intelligence can even effectively predict the behavior of both new as well as existing users. Nowadays, utilizing data management platforms (DMP) for collecting second as well as third-party data, Artificial Intelligence can gather accurate information about users across the internet and not just in a session on a business site. This power helps to personalize to customer needs through their profiles and thus enabling business or individuals to target potential leads and enabling one to concentrate on executing effective marketing strategies. AI has been collecting, analyzing and interpreting customer data and all kinds of available data constantly to get smarter at utilizing them. 

Real-time Customer Support

One of the most key aspects that customers expect in an effective digital experience is that of prompt resolutions as well as response. The invention of AI chatbots (automated tools giving the impression of chatting to a customer service person in real-time) can deliver that experience in real-time.

So, Artificial intelligence has continued to grow as well as improve at a rapid pace. For any business, implementing benefits of Artificial Intelligence within digital marketing strategies will enable customers to have an improvised experience and thus provide essential business insights required for its success.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Benefiting Our Society?

It cannot be denied that AI has revolutionized the landscape of technology to our benefit; however, some feel real concern for its impact on us and whether it is beneficial for our society or not. So let’s discuss the factors that prove that artificial intelligence benefits society at large.

The Artificial intelligence benefits to society have been at the macro-level. Some of the key artificial intelligence benefits to society have been outlined below:

  • Healthcare industry
  • Transportation 
  • Predicting natural disasters
  • Strengthening of Economy
  • Smart Cities
  1. Healthcare Industry – This sector has always been one of the focal points of artificial intelligence. For example, a German company Merantix is known for applying deep learning to medical problems. The company offers an application that is capable of identifying lymph nodes within human bodies in computer tomography (CT) images. Such detection done by humans can be expensive. In this case, deep learning trains computers to interpret data and this is applied to real patients by radiological imaging specialists to identify the extent of risk of carcinogenic lymph nodes at a much lower cost.
  2. Transportation – This is one sector where artificial intelligence has a huge innovative contribution combined with machine learning. For example, artificial intelligence, as well as LIDARs (light detection and ranging systems), is known for playing a significant role in avoiding a collision as well as navigation. They provide information that enables keeping the fast-moving vehicles in designated lanes, thereby avoiding other vehicles and also by applying brakes at the right time. This reduces road accidents considerably.
  3. Predicting Natural Disasters – AI can model weather patterns and almost perfectly predict the weather a few days in advance. Artificial intelligence-enabled projects collect data for magnetometers of the phone and then send them for analysis, helping predict earthquakes.
  4. Strengthening The Economy – Contrary to the popular belief that AI would take jobs away from humans, AI effectively promotes an eventual evolution in job opportunities. Human beings will work, but with AI, they will work more efficiently. Besides the coordinated machine-human combination, there will be demand for trained personnel to supervise all systems apart from those executing jobs. This will eventually lead to the generation of more jobs and thus boosting the economy.
  5. Smart Cities – Artificial intelligence is often used by smart city applications for improving all environmental planning, execution, service delivery, crime investigation, resource management, energy utilization, and many others. Some top applications of AI are intelligent traffic signals, smart meters for utilities, e-governance applications, Wi-Fi kiosks, etc.


So here we come to the final takeaway from this article. One must note that Artificial intelligence cannot learn by itself and so human beings are necessary if AI is to have an effective understanding of jobs, things, processes, etc. If we talk about artificial intelligence benefits to society, the best way to leverage both humans and AI, is to allow each to do what they are best at.  This would promise enhanced progress in terms of transparency, accountability, and fairness.


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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.