Over the past few decades, the pet industry has literally skyrocketed. Today, pet owners do not hesitate to spend serious money on their furry companions and spoil them like royalty. And it’s not just fun and pampering pet owners focus on—it’s the safety, security, and health of their pets that also get more and more attention. Every owner wants to provide their pet with the best life experience and longest possible life expectancy. So naturally, people started using technological advancements to push the pet industry to new heights. Let’s take a look at how tech is changing the pet industry and creating new trends loved by both pet owners and their four-legged buddies:  

Smart pet toys

The main thing people think about when imagining a mix of smart tech and pet care is smart toys. Through new tech, it’s possible to make interesting toys that not only provide a ton of fun for pets but also stimulate their brains and exercise their bodies. Various sensors and sound features built into the toy can awaken all the senses in your pet and motivate them to stay active and alert. There are various smart toys on the market, all of them very popular today, from those remotely controlled by the owner to those completely autonomous. When you’re not at home, a smart pet toy/camera can allow you to interact with your pet and make connections with them even when you’re separated. 

Health monitoring

Humans have amazing wearable technology that can offer all sorts of information about our health state. Why not make the same tech for our beloved pets? Today, pet owners can equip their furry pets with smart collars and health monitoring apps that can track pet health and fitness. These health monitors can track activity and sleep schedules, and even provide some useful info about potential health issues. For instance, if your pet needs to go on a diet, wearable tech can measure activity, calories burned, and the amount of sleep your pet is getting. With all the data available, you can also identify certain abnormal behaviors and potentially prevent certain conditions or nip them in the bud. And when it comes to health, early diagnosis is crucial to the right therapy and fast healing. 

Improved safety with smart tags

While chipping house pets is not a new technological advancement or trend, it’s a crucial innovation in pet safety. However, scanning the chip can only be done by a vet with special gear. To ensure the faster return of lost pets, the new biggest trend in safety lies in smart tags. With a smart pet tag that contains all owner and pet information, anyone who runs across your lost pet can scan the tag with their phone and call you to come to pick up your little renegade. This is a much faster and easier method than having to take a lost dog to the vet or call authorities. And it will reunite you with your pet quicker, which greatly reduces stress for both of you. Smart tags are especially useful for people who often move or travel because tag information can be changed with a few clicks on your smartphone. 

Virtual pet training 

Pet training is absolutely necessary for all house animals. Proper training can ensure your pet is safe, healthy, and happy and can enjoy a much more fulfilled life. However, not everyone has access to pet training schools and classes, especially people who live in small communities or remote locations. However, thanks to technology such as video conferencing tools and various communication apps, owners can learn all about pet training remotely. This tech is so popular due to its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. And even though the technology functions remotely, the video content can still be personalized and completely adapted to you and your pet. 

In conclusion, technology is revolutionizing the pet business and giving pet owners access to a variety of tools and resources that will help them take better care of their animals. Pet owners now have more choices than ever to keep their four-legged companions healthy, happy, and entertained thanks to smart pet toys, health monitors, pet training, pet tags, and other pet-friendly technology. These developments are improving the lives of pets and pet owners while deepening the bond between the two. We can anticipate even more exciting advancements in the pet sector as technology advances, all of them giving pet owners more options for boosting their pets’ wellness and general life satisfaction.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.