Today our customers’ safety is more important than ever. It is vital for our business functions that our visitors and customers feel safe, that they enjoy the shopping experience and also that they lose the logical fear of contagion, crowds, etc. We are facing a new and unknown scenario and new consumer habits. A scenario where fears about contamination persist and where re-loyalty to the client is vital.

How to Practice COVID-19 Safety

Most brick-and-mortar retailers have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were already struggling before COVID-19. Now, these businesses must figure out how to keep customers safe while simultaneously adhering to government guidelines and employment laws and trying to maximize profits.

Returning to normality (to what we knew as normal) is complicated, but technology will help us in turning this crisis into an opportunity for retail. On top of measures like employing thorough cleaning regimes, requiring customers to wear face coverings, making hand sanitizers widely available, and laying down markings to encourage shoppers to physically distance themselves, retailers are increasingly turning to technology to solve these problems and improve the shopping experience.

Technology to fight this pandemic

The fight against COVID-19 really is a group effort, and every contribution helps. From digital signage and QR codes to scan, pay and go technology, many technological solutions are emerging or coming into greater prominence that promise an enhanced, smooth, and Covid-19 safe in-store shopping experience. And depending on their success, we could see these technologies becoming part of the ‘new normal’ retail experience in the longer term.

Here are two examples of in-store technology innovations for the Covid-19 era to ensure that the returning to “normal” goes as smoothly as possible and to improve the in-store shopping experience.

Try a tracking solution

With a tracking solution, you will be able to track all your contacts, prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep your visitors and your employees safe. How does a tracking solution work?

  • Easy and secure subscription — Contacts can register using their own mobile device. You can offer them multiple log-in options: Wifi portal form, social networks, QR code, etc.
  • Digital record — Register in a totally secure way your visitors, clients, and employees when they get into your premises.
  • Contact tracing — Streamline contact tracing in the event that your establishment has had an outbreak or one of your customers has been tested positive.
  • Immediate notifications — Send alerts and notifications in the event that your customers or visitors have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 during their visit to your business.
  • Objective decisions — Get information about the behavior of your visitors. Find out when they visit you and how long they stay. If you know how your customers and employees react to your communications, you can improve them.

Benefits of tracking your contacts

Security — We make clients and visitors feel safe and have a carefree visit.

Comfort — A tracking solution facilitates the one-time registration and monitoring process.

Fidelity — By feeling safe, we get them to repeat and choose us before our competitors.

Engagement — We earn their trust, and they enjoy their experience, so we achieve a more profitable business.

Measure occupation in real time

Another great solution is an occupancy estimator control system that allows you to measure occupancy at your store. You can configure the maximum number of people that can access a point of sale or a specific one in order to regulate the access of new people to that space.

An essential technology to adequately control occupancy in all those spaces that host large public traffic: shops, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and bars, museums, supermarkets, etc.

Benefits of measuring occupancy

  • Avoid crowds and generate a secure experience
  • Make your customers enjoy the shopping experience without worrying about aspects such as overcrowding
  • Manages the maximum flow of clients automatically and in real time
  • Improve the safety of customers, visitors, and employees

Looking ahead

Although this pandemic will eventually come to an end, the retail industry will never return to the “old normal.” Traditionally, many retailers emphasize person-to-person contact at every point in the guest journey. However, after COVID-19, all of these methods and procedures may have to change. Our customers expect much higher standards of hygiene, show a significantly greater appreciation for contactless services and focus more on digital marketing. During such a period of uncertainty, retailers have a rare opportunity to invest in technology and process improvements to gain a competitive advantage in the long run. Since only the fittest business would survive, these plans to embrace a variety of new technologies and new business models that can enhance hygiene, promote social distancing, and provide guests with a convenient and personalized experience.

Written by: Lucía González, marketing manager Flame analytics

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