In the new normal where remote work is the norm, effective communication is the pillar of success for businesses. That said, it doesn’t really matter if your employees are at the office or working remotely. If they are not communicating efficiently and effectively, you can’t hope to maintain remote team productivity. In fact, you can expect both to drop over time, leading to subpar brand performance forcing you to fall short of your goals.

You can’t allow this to happen, especially during these trying times. It’s important to invest in your internal communication strategy and choose the right tech to help you take communications to the next level. You’ll need to integrate a reliable communications app to achieve this.

It can be a branded app that you can even market online, or better yet, it can be a ready-to-go cloud-based tool that you can integrate quickly. Let’s break down the details and give you a checklist on how to choose the best communications app for your needs.

Analyze your communication needs

Every business investment should be founded on relevant data, and choosing a communications platform is no different. After all, this app will help take your company forward, but if it’s the wrong choice, it can put your brand in jeopardy. So, instead of going with your instinct, it’s time to do some research.

Start by analyzing all internal processes, list your teams and departments, and make a communications map. This map should show you how information flows through your organization. It should also help you identify bottlenecks and communication issues that people are encountering daily. 

It will also help you identify the exact functions and features your communications app should have to improve collaboration and productivity. Needless to say, the app should have as many features as possible that facilitate intra-team and cross-team communication and collaboration.

Discover what your teams actually want

Of course, the most obvious choice might not always be the best – you won’t know until you talk to your employees. Your team members have a unique, invaluable perspective on the kind of communication problems you’re experiencing, and how best to tackle them.

Talking to your employees about their needs and how to make communication more efficient is the best way to narrow down your search. Make sure to listen to their experiences and problems, and list the features they would like this communications app to possess. 

Find a unified communication platform

For most companies out there, especially growth-oriented ones, finding an app that unifies all communications is the right choice. This is why many businesses are transitioning to cloud-based platforms such as VoIP. Simply put, voice over internet protocol is an all-in-one solution that offers numerous features and functions modern teams need to thrive.

From low-cost calls to video and audio conferencing, all the way to mobile communication and collaboration tools, some of the best VoIP providers out there have packed all kinds of handy features into their VoIP plans. However, it’s not just about the features of VoIP, it’s about the fact that VoIP is a closed system that enhances security. Because all employees are communicating via text, voice, and video in a single all-encompassing app, you can rest assured that all business communication stays protected from prying eyes.

Make sure the solution is affordable

Another important thing to consider is that the app needs to be affordable, or financially viable over the long term. Preferably, the app should help you save money and minimize your business expenses. Firstly, you should compare the pricing plans and look for a balance between price and functionality.

Don’t go overboard with your investment, because you may not need the features that a premium package provides. If you’re unsure, refer to our previous points about researching your true needs. Next, think of how you can maximize the app’s potential to save money across the board. Some solutions may cost a bit more but provide features that will make numerous departments in your company more productive.

Don’t just think in terms of communication efficiency, this about collaboration as well and try to find an app that delivers on both fronts. Lastly, always get in touch with the provider to see if you can work out a customized deal to fit your exact needs and budget.

Focus on easy implementation and onboarding

Lastly, you have to make sure that the app is easy to integrate into your operation. The last thing you want is for productivity to suffer because the app is too complex and difficult to use. The onboarding process should be seamless and straightforward for all employees.

Ideally, you’d want to transition to the new communications app fully within a week depending on the size of your business. Make sure to follow up with all employees to see how they’re enjoying the new system and if there is any way you can help them adopt it quicker. 

Wrapping up

Having a comprehensive communication app in your business is nowadays paramount to success. That said, choosing the right solution is not an easy task. You can use these tips to make transition smooth and painless, and help your company thrive in the new normal.

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