The world of digital marketing is a colorful, exciting one, brimming with advancement opportunities, incredible collaborations, and above all, lucrative job positions. As an expert in the field, you may have all the skills, know-how, and confidence to rock at such a job, and yet, you still wouldn’t be immune to the stress that comes with its many occupations. 

Tight deadlines, demanding clients asking for unreasonable changes (all of them urgent, of course), everyday meetings, creative road-blocks, noisy offices, strict managers, competitive colleagues – does any of this sound familiar? Even a single one of these factors alone is more than enough to cause damage to your mindset at work, and ultimately affect your productivity and your success.

With so many different causes of anxiety in the SEO and creation website industry, how can you better prepare for the many stressful situations and become more resilient in the process? Let us cover a few of the most effective anxiety-busting strategies that work well in the industry of digital marketing, and that might become an invaluable part of your everyday stress-detoxing toolbox. 

Set realistic expectations and goals

Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you right off the bat: everything is important. The sales, the ROI, the website visits, conversion rates, click-through rates, email statistics, content creation, social media engagement, generating reviews, all shape the brand’s reputation and its success over its competitors. It’s all too easy to lose focus and scatter your energy on a multitude of different goals. In fact, not being able to set realistic expectations and focus on a single goal is something that causes many, especially newbies, to fail in digital marketing.

You should narrow your own focus down to a handful of metrics that you can realistically impact and deliver. If you expect yourself as a single person within a large marketing organization to cover a million different tasks, you’ll set yourself up for enormous amounts of stress and inevitable failure. Instead, you need to give your best to be realistic and dedicated. Make it your mission to improve, let’s say, three key performance indicators of your strategy. Talk it over with your manager, make sure they are on the same page, and you’ll be better equipped to filter the irrelevant from what truly matters in your line of work.

Educate yourself on your legal rights

Even with a list of to-dos you can actually manage and deliver, your job in the marketing industry can still be overwhelming enough to cause you too much stress. When you don’t mind your stress levels and its impact on your health in time, it might lead to more severe health issues and complications such as depression, severe anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and the like. While prevention is still your best bet against anxiety in the workplace, you ought to know your rights in case something does happen.

If you find yourself experiencing severe work-related anxiety, you can get in touch with reputable WorkCover lawyers who can guide you through the process of making a claim and seeking compensation. That way, you can genuinely work towards healing your anxiety and invest in your own wellbeing by treating and preventing any work-related health complications caused by a stressful work environment. Your employer, too, should be aware of the potential consequences of not tending to their employees’ needs, including those to minimize stress and prevent anxiety. 

Practice stress-reducing activities

Since digital marketing is a fast-paced work environment, it’s only natural for that tempo to eventually cause you to feel drained, exhausted, and possibly experience burnout. We spend the majority of our day at the office when building a career in digital marketing, which further increases your chances of developing work-related anxiety and other consequences of too much stress. After all, hours of consistent, chronic stress can pile up to quite an impressive list of health conditions linked with stress as their root culprit.

There are, however, certain activities you can resort to, both at home and at the office, in order to make the most of your creative capacity in the digital marketing realm and to reduce the effects of that hectic, competitive world. For example, you can start meditating even at the office on a regular basis. That way, you’ll reduce cortisol levels, gain better control of your breathing patterns, and calm your mind before a long meeting with the manager. Make sure to give this tactic time to take effect, since it works best as a long-term strategy rather than as a one-time effort. 

Keep learning to stay relevant

As we’ve mentioned several times, and you’ve experienced it yourself, the world of digital marketing is fiercely competitive. Not only do you have to deliver exceptional work every day to impress your clients, but you also need to keep up with the latest trends in order to be a valuable asset to the agency. Otherwise, someone with a fresh mindset and more experience and education can beat you to your dream job, or take one away from under your feet. 

The struggle to stay relevant as an employee and to be an asset both to the business and to the clients is one of those major sources of work-related anxiety. That is precisely why your continuous education, training, and learning are of vital importance in this industry. Digital trends come and go, certain methods stay relevant, but you need to know them all in order to be able to compete. Attending digital marketing courses on regular bases will also help you tackle tasks and provide more innovative digital marketing solutions, turning your job into a creative pleasure more than a competitive ring. 

Wrapping up

While some level of stress comes with the turf, anxiety in the world of digital marketing is preventable and treatable. Use these tips to reduce your exposure to stress, become more resilient to various triggers, and most importantly, protect your wellbeing as well as the future of your career in the industry.

Posted by Jacob Wilson

Jacob Wilson is an intern with a degree in Business Strategies, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business. He also loves to read books, watch movies, and to ride a bike. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing. Besides that, he loves spending his free time with his lovely girlfriend.