If your Facebook page is a lonely island nowadays, you know it is time to act and try something new. You need to think about the source of the problem – it is both important to know your audience and your page as well. The main thing is – you need to always get back to basics. There is no need for reinventing the wheel, just to add more polishing to the existing techniques… And wait…

You’ve probably been busy trying to get more engagement on your website through social media, but have you ever tried to do the opposite of it? Thinking outside the box and turning things another way round, does that sound crazy? Improving social media engagement through your content is also a great strategy to bring in more audience as your content gets more shares on social media platforms.

Let us share some strategies with you to improve social sharing through your content;

Publish the Right (and Rich) Content:

Use the right kind of content on-page to attract social media traffic

We have kept this point first because the right content will automatically initiate more engagement. The optimal content length should be from 500 words to 2000 words so that it can provide enough information to the users. No one likes the generic stuff that has been told thousands of times, so focus on the real problems bothering your audience. 500-word good quality content will do better than 2000-word low-quality content. The attention span of the average reader is very low so use the shorter content to keep the attention and not to get your reader bored.

 Secondly, do not write randomly. You need to plan everything carefully and know where to aim. To increase your social media traffic, notice what your readers are loving more and focus on those areas. You can also check which article has more shares through a website analytics tool; it will give you an idea of the type of content your readers prefer. Is it a blog post, an infographic? 

Aim to reach different kinds of audiences but always stick to your core, target audience. 

Use a Good Social Sharing Plugin:

You want your readers to share your content. You want your voice to be heard all across the known internet. But if you do not make it easy for them, then they will not do it.  Why? Because the audience often lacks patience or enough time to think about such things. You need to help your audience by making things easy as a breeze. Make sure you use a powerful social sharing plugin that is easily visible to the user on the screen so that they share. You can use floating buttons so that the users do not need to scroll to share. Also, you can make all your images shareable as well by using relevant plugins. If you wish for the users to share a quote from your content, you can use a click to tweet plugin to do that as well.

Add Relevant Images:

Add Relevant Images On-Page

People will not engage with you if your post does not appeal to them. We, humans, are visually stimulated hence an article with plain text may be too boring to read. Adding relevant images here and there in the post will keep readers interested to read your post.  Also, when your post is shared on social media with images, it will get a better response. So it is time to get creative, find images that resonate well with your content. Don’t be shy to use Canva or to find the beautiful stock photos. It will grab your audience’s attention instantly! You can also use a plugin to share the images or pin it on Pinterest to improve social sharing.

Minimize Posting Maximize Quality:

You must have heard about posting as much as you can, but we advise otherwise. Use this power wisely. Post only as much as you can handle. Everything is in the proper dosing. Don’t be spammy. Do not compromise on quality just because you want to publish as many articles as possible. Less is better in this case but use your time in resources to craft the best content out there.

Posting more on social media to share your content is not going to increase engagement, but only the content quality will improve the engagement. So, let’s say this once again – quality, not quantity.

Ask Your Readers:

You want your readers to share your posts, then ask them to, simple. Human minds are forgetful, and people may read a wonderful content but forget to share it. Reminding them will improve social media engagement. At the end of the post write a statement such as “Like it? Do share it!!”. Let them tell you what they think about it, everyone likes to share their opinion, so be ready to listen. You will get the right idea for your next article.

Your current social media strategy may be working great, but a few tweaks here and there may improve the engagement rate then why not? Try out these techniques to improve your social handle engagement.


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My name is Sonja Dewing. I graduated from the University of Phoenix, with a major in marketing. But I always was interested in writing, and that’s why I work as a writer now. Moreover, I write articles for various blogs, sharing my personal and professional experience. I cover various topics, including business, marketing, social media, self-improvement, lifestyle & health.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.