As per an early report, most businesses spend about 17 hours per week clarifying things. That makes about 37.7% of working hours wasted each week.

If you wish to avoid such immense wastage of a resource as valuable as time, we’re glad you’re here. Below, we’ve listed five ways of avoiding this wastage and enhancing overall efficiency at work.

1. Always make realistic goals

Goals need to be talked about again! This is something that we really need to emphasize. Your whole company needs to know that they can attain and achieve realistic goals. The more they are defined, the easier it will be to succeed, but project failure tends to account for nearly 40% of all failed projects according to certain surveys.

All of the goals that you make must be measurable, clear and realistic. You need to ask the following questions to make sure that the goals you are setting are reliable:

It is possible for you to use project management skills, resources, and time, to enhance all of this, but is this really the best idea? Essentially, is it realistic? Do we have the exact idea of what must be done? Are there really indicators that can help you decide if a goal is realistic?

Are your individual goals going to be different for each and every person? 

During the planning of the project, you need to get everyone’s input to make sure that as a group, and as individuals, it is all worth pursuing.

2. Monitor Progress

When you are going to plan a project, KPI indicators are very important for:

  • Your budget
  • timelines
  • quality expectations.

As you pursue this project, you need to monitor KPIs to make corrections as quickly as you can as you are finding new issues. Having the reporting tools is also very important as you are doing your monitoring. Make use of an employee schedule template. KPIs can help you reach any goal that you have and become successful.

Is it possible to get a marketing plan template?

By creating a marketing plan template, can be helpful, which is what Kissflow’s Marketing Templates can provide.

You can make a customized template that will help everyone get their jobs done much more quickly, plus everything will be in place. You can try this for free!

3. Have regular standing meetings

As we have already mentioned, meetings should be avoided if possible. If you have a group of people that want to discuss something, you should have a standing meeting instead. Often referred to as a standup, this is exactly what it sounds like: every one that is meeting together is going to be standing in place.

These are beneficial because it reduces the ability to waste time. If you are seated at a table, people tend to be talking and the conversation can go off on a tangent. If you are having a meeting while everyone is standing, these will be much briefer and you will likely stick to the topic at hand.

4. Always create a healthy work environment

Positive work environments can be helpful in several different ways such as creating higher levels of productivity. When you have happy team members, they are going to be more creative, support their coworkers, take calculated risks, and also stay as organized as they can.

5. Provide proper tools for your team

It really doesn’t matter how skilled, committed, or even happy your team members are if they don’t have the right tools at their disposal. Over the last several years, project management tools have been developed that you can take advantage of for your business. Kanban boards will make it easy to keep track of everything, boost efficiency levels, and also inspire collaboration using this project management software.

Final Words

We hope the approaches given above will help you boost your productivity. And consequently, double up your profits. Remember, managing your human resources efficiently is just as important as managing your financial resources!

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.