Content marketing can be the golden ticket for companies. However, writing content that catches your audience’s attention is the most important thing

While marketing fads are common, the marketing of content has proved to be a constant and exceptionally successful tool for inbound marketing. Firms with a strong content marketing strategy have almost eight times more site traffic and conversion rates than their customers are six times higher.

Blogs are an absolute must, in particular, for enterprises interested in online business. They are not only recognized and honored by SEO gods, they are a platform for sharing industry knowledge and positioning yourself as a thinker. They also act as a pad for launching your website into other areas and make your traffic more likely to become customers.


Although it can make you feel tempted to throw your mantel off and write blogs, you can find that they are unconnected if they don’t flow together organically. Some of the principal reasons why blogs fail are randomness and unpredictability. You can write incredible information, but you will not be seen by your reader as un-organized and elsewhere if they cannot rely upon the kind of content you produce. Therefore, having a content plan beforehand is a must. You need to invest time in thinking about your content, coming up with ideas, and staying consistent with them. 

Your first step is to decide which type of website will dictate your other decisions. It sets the scope and helps you to get a successful blog on your way. Check out how to build a website from scratch when you are ready.


Would you like to increase the number of customers online by 2023? You can do this no better than via your website.

The big news is that over the years, the process of creating a website is much simpler. You can create it without coding skills or need to hire a developer. 

How to Build a Website from Scratch 

Specify Your Website Goal

Do you plan to sell goods or services? Maybe you want your portfolio to be shown? Or are you perhaps constructing your website for branding purposes only?

You will find a reply to this question:

  • What kind of pages will you publish? (is it a ” portfolio page”, a “pricing” page, or an ” about us” page)
  • The content types you would like to include (image gallery, articles, videos)
  • In addition to your technical capabilities (such as integration with an email marketing platform or a live chat solution)

Research Your Competitor and Your Market

Given your objective and the initial ideas, it’s time for your target group and competitors to investigate. You need to see what other people are doing and get inspired.

What you would like to know is:

  • What information is interested in your potential customers
  • What kind of content do your competitors publish to capture

Build your website

If you are a website coder, you can use a code editor, HTML, CSS, JS, and libraries like Bootstrap to generate your site from scratch. However, it takes a lot of time, expertise, and experience. You can contact a website design-builder to help you launch your new website professionally. 

You can also hire a web developer to construct a website. Most likely, the developer would tailor one of its templates to set up the website for you using WordPress or another popular content management system (CMS).

Provide More Than You Get

You can use your platform to try and sell your product or service, but that is not a reading approach. If you can educate, entertain and engage, people will continue to read your content. It is therefore important that your content refers to your readers’ interests. When your readers see you as a specialist in the industry, when they have a buying necessity, they come to you.

Be structurally inclined

Intended with your layout is the trick to make people read the content you have written. The best way to maintain your contents skimmable and digestible is:

  • Write headlines that explain clearly the subject of your article
  • Keep the paragraphs short
  • Use bold, bulleted, and numbered subheadings
  • Keep a 450 – 1000 word count for blog posts

Evergreen Contents

It is important to create content that can be creatively recast time and time again. People like to consume content in many ways. For instance, you can create an infographic, a short video, or a Social Media campaign using a previous blog post. In any case, recast content can increase your brand’s awareness.

In short, everybody can write and post content online. Writing content with attention, on the other hand, requires expertise and a commitment to offering your readers value. It calls for your audience to understand, a sound strategy, and an interest in the subject as a whole. Choose your content writers carefully. 

Diversify Your Contents

The main thing for brands to differentiate is to provide their readers with solution-oriented content. Thus, education and resources which can add value to your message should be emphasized. Try to add different assets to enhance the content, such as:

  • Infographics and visuals
  • Videos
  • Studies of case
  • Links also are a great way to capture the lead with these types of resources. Just give them a form and, of course, in no time you’ll build your email list.

Another important element for your content to get noticed and visible is to create content that is SEO friendly. That depends on keywords, backlinking, and the way you organize the structure of your content on the website. Many use the help of professional SEO consultants to identify what needs to be done or improved when making the content plan. 


Each company needs an active blog. A blog offers measurable growth with time, making it a priority to publish high-quality content in blogs to increase web traffic, authority, brand faith, leads, and sales. Having a captivating and informative blog will certainly attract more and more readers and this way your company will grow in no time.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.