Canon printers are reliable and good for offices and homes. These devices are available in various models and specifications. Canon printers are easy to configure and use. You can use Canon printers for taking printouts of high-quality images or even photographs. But sometimes, printers start showing printing issues. Your printer can show color issues due to numerous reasons.

Common causes behind Canon printer color issues

  1. Empty cartridges 
  2. Printhead is clogged
  3. Invalid Canon printer settings
  4. You are using third-party cartridges 
  5. The printer fuser is not working correctly
  6. Some printer services are not working
  7. You are using the incorrect printing mode

Resolving Canon printer color issues

Restart the printer

Your Canon printer can show printing issues when it meets a runtime error. These types of errors can appear due to many reasons. Go to the printer and restart it. Now reconnect the printer to your computer and take a printout. If your printer is still printing in poor quality then check for other solutions.

Change the cartridges 

The printer starts printing in poor quality if the ink inside the cartridges is very low. You should check the cartridges. If the ink is low or the cartridge is empty then replace it. Sometimes, users get this error when the ink inside the cartridge gets dry. This occurs when the user is using the printer after a very long time. Eject the cartridge and add a few drops of solvent. Now mix it well and reinstall the cartridge. If the cartridge is still not working properly then replace it. 

Reset your printer

Some users reported that they are getting the error after changing some printer settings. You should go to the printer and check those settings. If the printer settings are invalid then revert them. But if you can’t revert those settings manually then use the reset option. How to reset Canon printer? The Canon printer has an inbuilt reset option. Go to the Canon printer settings and check the Menu. Select the Reset option and tap on Reset All. Now wait and the printer will reset immediately. Reconnect your printer to your computer and now check the color issues.

Clean the printhead

The printer will give you faded printouts if the printhead is clogged. You need to clean the printhead of your device often. When you take the printouts, dry ink gets stuck into the printhead. You need to clean the printhead of your Canon device. Go to the printer and check the printhead. Now go to the utility function and select the clean printhead option. Run this tool 3-4 times and then check for printout quality. If you can’t use the utility function then clean the printhead manually. 

Reinstall your cartridges

Printing issues can occur when your printer won’t recognize the cartridges. This problem occurs when the cartridges are not installed properly. Go to your printer and eject all your cartridges. Now take a cloth and clean the cartridges and slots carefully. Also, check the cartridges for protective clips. If any cartridge has the protective clip then remove it and then install the cartridge to the printer. Sometimes, Canon printers show issues in recognizing refilled cartridges. Take your refilled cartridge and insert it into another slot. Check the slot status; if the status changes then remove the cartridge and now install all cartridges to the correct slots/pokies. Your printer will start printing correctly. 

Check your printer driver

If your printer is not working or showing any print-related error then check its driver. Without the correct driver, the printer may show issues. You should check for your driver. Go to the connected computer and search for your printer driver. If the driver is outdated, run the update. After updating, the driver will start working correctly. Sometimes, the user installs the wrong driver mistakenly. Every printer model has a different driver. You should install the correct driver for your printer. 

Power restart your printer

Sometimes, printers show color issues when some printer services are not working. They may get stuck and unable to resume. The printer mainly faces this error when it can’t read the new command. To resume all the printer services, you should power restart your device. When your printer is ON, remove the power cable. Wait for 5 seconds and reconnect it. The printer will start and all the services will start running. Connect your printer to the PC and now check for print issues.

Inspect the printer fuser

Your printer fuser fuses the ink to the sheet using heat and pressure. You can get printing issues when the fuser is not working correctly. This can occur when the fuser is not getting enough heat to fuse the ink on the paper correctly. Go to the fuser and check for any issues. If the Canon printer fuser is damaged then replace it. After replacing the fuser, you can easily take the printouts. 

Posted by Elaine Bennett

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