2020 was full of surprises, especially for Youtubers who are looking for the latest trends up to date. Videos are simply made for several reasons. No matter if it’s breaking news, sharing your passion, expressing your feelings towards an event, promoting a product or service, vlogging, or just doing it for nothing, videos are everywhere.

It all started with YouTube. When YouTube was launched back in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees, it was all but challenging experiences. At the end of the day, their sacrifice was all worth it. YouTube is now a huge video sharing site, and it’s way ahead of its competitors.

Back in 2019, YouTube claimed that 700 hours of videos were uploaded every minute to their website. It means there is a lot of opportunity on this video platform, and video marketers are willing to take advantage of that.

However, storytelling is the real gamechanger in social media and video marketing.

If you’ve ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, a.k.a. #GaryVee, his videos were full of stories that could inspire a lot of viewers in all aspects of life. Even though he uses foul words from time to time, he is trying to wake you up when you’re down. Video storytelling is where you can connect to others by telling something that inspires them to do the same. When it comes to video storytelling, there is a lot of user engagement than commercial videos. It will connect deeply in the hearts and minds of the viewers on what you’re trying to open up by recording yourself in the video.

If you want to make a difference, video storytelling is one of the best ways for you to get started.

Once you have created a video about a personal story, documentary series, interviews and so on, it will go viral in social media. In 2020, video storytelling is one of the biggest trends that you are going to expect in both video and social media marketing. It will create a huge impact on all social media marketers in the world. Brands are starting to use this tactic as a way to promote their own products and services.

How could video storytelling impact social media in 2020?

Let’s say you are planning to promote a high-quality nutritional supplement. One of the most effective ways for your customers to be convinced is to record a testimonial. As you can see, video testimonials are highly effective when it comes to promoting products. It was put to practice since the internet was not born yet. During the ’80s and ’90s, TVs and radios were used by brands to promote their products both commercially and in testimony.

However, in this digital age, testimonies have become very effective and they see an increase in sales percentage. It convinces the customers who are in need or desperate for a product or service. Since Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have millions of active users worldwide, brands are starting to turn to them for their testimonial videos. More and more people are turning into social media nowadays. They spend more time browsing social media channels than watching TV or listening to the radio. They’re going to promote this to several pages and groups, or even invest in social media ads. Facebook ads are very popular right now, and brands are using this to gain targeted traffic to their videos. Individuals who are trying to make a name for themselves, are creating their own pages and sending traffic to their customers either free or paid. In that way, they’re going to experience a surge in getting leads, opt-ins to the products or services that they’re promoting.

Moving forward to the future

With video storytelling alone, it could make a huge difference to anyone who has the desire to share their voice with the world. As social media sites are growing, expect that individuals and brands are going to upload more storytelling videos to boost their business once and for all. Although commercial videos are still effective, it has fewer conversions compared to video storytelling. As you look forward to 2020, the video storytelling method is just an idea for you to make a difference. It is just another method that you could maximize your presence in social media. There are other methods you can try; it’s just that video storytelling could give you better conversions in the long run.

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