Instagram app has been targeting the mobile users since its launch. It allows them to take photos with their phone, use filters to customize and personalize them and share them with their friends. This plain and simple functionality has won over millions of users around the world.
We often hear marketing experts saying that every company should have an Instagram account and post at the right time. This has become one of the regular mantras of the digital marketing world. Unfortunately, they rarely explain these claims and share how exactly this popular social network can improve marketing or branding strategies.
Since mobile internet’s popularity is growing at a very fast pace, Instagram has a very bright future. The recent acquisition by Facebook has brought us a unique advertising platform, which allows us to target consumers on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. This also means that when targeting people on Instagram, we are using huge Facebook data pools and vice versa.
The rising popularity of Instagram was shown in the ComScore Mobile Trends survey, which states that more than 34% of all U.S. smartphone users have this app installed.

Consumers love visual expressions

The incredibly high Instagram engagement is driven by the users’ crave for sharing and experiencing stories, ideas, and reactions visually and graphically. The whole idea behind this platform revolves around the visual content, which is more likable and shareable than textual Facebook posts and 140-character Tweets. Instagram allows brands to express themselves through filtered photos and videos and sum up their message within the Story feature. This makes the company’s branding strategy more versatile and diverse and allows entrepreneurs to improve their visual identity and use it for targeting consumers.

You can easily dominate your niche

Although there are hundreds of early adopting entrepreneurs who have already built engaging Instagram pages for their businesses, this social network still features much less competition. This allows small and medium-sized enterprises to become the leaders of their niche and attract thousands of followers. Still, the platform is growing at a very fast pace, and companies should get on board before the competition becomes too fierce and Instagram turns into Facebook.

It drives your sales

The recent Shopify survey has proved that Instagram shoppers make much higher orders than the ones who are being targeted through other popular social networks. For example, YouTube’s average order is almost 50% lower than the average order of users targeted on Instagram. Millennials and Xers are the most loyal Instagram crowd, and they often shop compulsively and instinctively. In addition to this, Instagram can be used for crafting advanced visual product presentations, with the help of filters and the Story feature.

Instagram doesn’t filter the feed

When it comes to the news feed, Instagram is more similar to Twitter than to Facebook. While Facebook shows your page posts only to a small portion of your audience, Instagram targets every follower and displays your photos and videos in chronological order. So, if you post content on a regular basis, there’s no way that your followers will miss it.

You can use it for altering your photos

Instagram filters started a revolution in amateur photography. Consumers like branded content only if it’s interesting and good-looking, and now you can use Instagram filters to improve the look of your photos and then post them on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Even the photos that are taken through the Instagram app can be saved on the phone and posted on other networks. You can do this by shifting your phone to the Airplane mode.

It is ideal for making your brand more human

One of the best benefits of this social network is that it allows you to create content on the go. The app is created for mobile devices, and it allows easy content creation and sharing. By sharing the content that’s been generated by entrepreneurs and their employees, companies are taking a much more personal approach, which is one of the most important factors for successful branding. Consumers don’t like official announcements and briefs; they are more into emotional and creative content, made by ordinary people. Having said that, you can see the importance of good private story names that would connect your audience with you on a deeper, personal level.
These are just some of the branding benefits Instagram can bring. The main reason why big companies have started using this network is because they want to come closer to consumers and target them with unofficial, human-made content. If you take this approach while crafting your own Instagram strategy, you won’t have problems with building a loyal follower base.

Posted by Emma Miller