The popularity of social media combined with the need for more elaborate digital marketing strategies gave rise to a variety of new career opportunities that can be started and advanced anywhere in the world. Social media influencers are among these online professionals, a career path that is incredibly popular and desirable due to its flexible and fulfilling nature. But with the rising number of individuals attempting to become influencers as well, reaching success in this field is a bit more difficult nowadays. Fortunately, it can still be achieved as long as you follow these important steps:

Finding an interesting niche

When becoming an influencer, finding a specific niche in which you’d like to be known is incredibly important. This is something Supcaitlin realized and what made her famous so now everyone wants to know about her dating life. This doesn’t only mean focusing on an industry or an area you’re passionate about, but also finding a more particular sub-niche within the field that is popular among larger audiences, such as thrift-flipping clothing within the fashion industry or making vegan smoothies within the food and beverage niche. The more unique your chosen niche is, the less competition you will likely have, and the higher your chances of success will be.

Choosing a social media platform

The most popular social media networks at the moment are Instagram and TikTok. Both of these platforms could potentially bring in plenty of revenue even for micro-influences. However, they are more geared towards travel, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content, among others. If your selected niche is more related to business and technology, for instance, other platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn might be a better choice. Don’t follow the latest statistics when choosing a social media network, but rather look at your target audience, their interests and habits, and the platforms they most commonly use in an effort to make the right choice.

Investing in an internet connection

Whether you are creating and posting new content, attending meetings, emailing potential partners, or simply communicating with your audience, most of the work a social media influencer performs is online. For that reason, investing in the best mobile internet package available is one of the smartest decisions you could make. A fast, stable, and reliable internet connection with a trusted provider will help to ensure you always deliver high-quality work on time. If you don’t already have good equipment, a professional camera, a higher-performing computer, and other gadgets could also be of great help when starting your career.

Developing a content strategy

The quality and the format of the content you post are directly related to your success as an influencer, which is why you should decide on a suitable content strategy at the very beginning of your journey. It should be a tactic that allows you to deliver quality content and valuable information while still expressing your personality and distinct voice. Finding the perfect balance between personal and informative content is key, as it allows you to achieve that uniqueness and relatability most audiences are looking for. Following the 5:3:2 rule might be a good strategy in this instance.

Distributing your content

Regardless of how good your content is, you won’t be able to reach success unless enough people see and engage with it. That is why you should construct a thoughtful plan for posting and distributing your content on social media. Apart from finding out the best times to publish content on social media, it would also be wise to stick to only one platform at first, in an effort to establish your personal brand more easily. Customizing your messages for each post, as well as optimizing your posts for SEO and mobile are also good strategies to follow.

Engaging with your audience

Engagement is incredibly important, especially for micro-influencers. Whenever a follower leaves a comment or a question on one of your social media posts, take the time to respond to them if you can. This will help to make them feel more appreciated and valued, and it will allow you to develop a stronger relationship with your audience. With many social media platforms valuing engagement, responding to your followers could bring more visibility and exposure as well.

While it might be a dream job for many, becoming an influencer is also a long and challenging road. But by following the tips mentioned above and remaining consistent and persistent, you can easily pave your way towards social media success.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.