Social media has gone beyond a place to have fun. It turns into a home for businesses to meet potential buyers and make profits. In today’s age, not leveraging social media will only do your business out of the game.

Social media marketing is a strategy every business must execute. Businesses of all sizes can promote their clothing lines, health services, online classes, or even blockchain products through social media. 

With countless competitors, generating results through the online space can be challenging. So, we’ve rounded up some most effective ways to help you drive sales through social media. Keep scrolling!

1. Find Your Audience Bank

You can only drive sales when you meet your target audience. So, it’s vital to be on social media platforms where you can meet most potential buyers.

Using all social media platforms won’t be effective as each has different user characteristics. Insisting on leveraging all social platforms will do you more harm than good.

For instance, Facebook is no longer a favorable place for younger audiences over the past few years. But Instagram and YouTube have been desirable communities to the millennials and Gen Z for quite a while.

Moreover, LinkedIn is a good place to reach professionals and businesses. It becomes an ideal starting place for B2B marketers.

Consider running target audience research by looking into your target audience demographic and psychographics. Learn your target audience’s behavior and decide the best platforms to market your product. 

2. Create Interactive and Valuable Posts

Hard selling on social media will do more harm than good. You should take a more subtle way of pulling in potential buyers. The best way you can take it is to provide valuable posts.

Whether you’re a B2C brand selling clothing or a B2B brand selling software, your posts should be educational yet entertaining at the same time. It’s a strategy to build trust and deeper relationships with audiences. You can use the 4/1/1 rule on social media.

This rule means that for every six posts on your feed, four must be valuable, one for a soft sell and another for a hard sell. Adjusting the 4/1/1 rule can help you build a balanced brand marketing.

Going back to the examples above, a clothing company could share tips on different ways to style 1 pair of pants, while the software company could share research to help business owners hire top talent.

Moreover, encourage your audiences to leave reactions to your posts. You can also reply to their response as a strategy to win their trust.

3. Create User-Generated Content

Reviews and testimonials are impactful for businesses. Almost 80% of online shoppers say user-generated content impacts their buying decisions. 

When you get a positive review or testimonials from customers, make it content. For instance, you can retweet customers’ reviews on Twitter or repost their testimonials on Instagram.

Therefore, encouraging your buyers to share their experiences is essential. You can also automatically share user-generated content to your website using a website plugin, such as Smash Balloon.

4. Make Shoppable Posts

Social media brands have made many great improvements on their platforms, including shoppable posts. Thanks to the feature, brands can sell, and buyers can shop conveniently. 

Instagram has one of the best shopping features for users. Sellers can add price tags and product descriptions to their posts. Meanwhile, buyers can directly make their purchases through the platform.

To use this feature, you must set up a business account on Instagram. Besides Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are the most popular platforms with shoppable features.

5. Sell Through Live-Streaming

Live-streaming videos are an excellent way to drive sales through social media. Among 1,000 adults, 80% prefer watching live videos to reading a brand’s blog.

Image via Livestream

As a seller, you can reach out to audiences through a live-streaming video. A tip to boost your sales is offering good deals that last only during the live stream. You can also use digital signage software to increase engagement. 

Best of all, live-streaming videos are best for long-term results. During a live-streaming, you can meet and interact with audiences virtually, which can help you build deeper relationships with them.

Consider live-streaming as one of your marketing strategies. You can host live streaming on a daily or weekly basis to build the best engagement.

6. Try Flash Sales

A flash sale or limited-time sale is a powerful strategy to evoke a sense of urgency. It’s a great trigger to turn prospects into paying buyers.

Social media is an ideal place to promote your flash sales. You can create Facebook posts, Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, or other content to call attention to audiences. 

You can promote a flash event before the zero hours. Promote your flash sale event a few hours or days ahead. Choose the best time to launch your flash sale event, for example, during paydays. Using social media ads is also worth trying to broaden your reach.

7. Work with Influencers

Another best way to drive sales through social media is by working with influencers. They are powerful people with loyal audiences who can be your potential customers.

It’s important to choose influencers with good knowledge of your niche. Ask them to promote your products through reviews, tutorials, or other types of content.

You may allocate more marketing budget to work with influencers. But, with promising results and  sales productivity, working with influencers is worth considering.


Thanks to social media, generating sales has never been easier for businesses. You can also use social media to build brand image, raise brand awareness, reach a broader audience, meet more prospects, and more.

The above points can help you to drive more sales with social media. There will be more marketing trends in the following years, so never let your guard down. Be quick to make adjustments to grow your business and keep you stay ahead of competitors.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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Posted by Elaine Bennett

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