If you are looking for new employees, then look no further than Generation Z. Although they can sometimes lack experience, young people add a fresh new perspective to any work environment and can really help your company grow. So here are the top tips and reasons to recruit Generation Z.

Who are Generation Z?

Including all people born from 1995 onwards, Gen Z-ers make up over 25% of the world’s population, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll know one or two. Most of this population consists of students who are raring to get stuck into the world of work, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding candidates. Although you may have just got used to hiring Millennials, now it is time to look at why you should hire Gen Z-ers!

Why you Should Employ Gen Z-ers

Young people are vital assets for any company. The members of Generation Z are the biggest users of technology nowadays, so employing them will give your business a push in the right direction of the digital age. Their young minds will explore different routes for marketing and sales, as who knows the young market better than themselves!

Another major benefit of hiring Gen Z-ers is their willingness to work. A large proportion will be newly made post-graduates, so being fresh off the market, they are keen to prove themselves, meaning that they will do their best at any task you set them. Also, the abundance of candidates will mean more competitiveness between them all. This will result in you finding the most suitable employee, and meaning that they will be more likely to accept a lower starting pay, which is no trouble on your end…

Although having no previous work experience can seem a negative side to Generation Z, there are positives to it too. As it will likely be their first job, they will develop more of a commitment to your company. This will result in them being more likely to progress further into and upwards within the company, giving you a dedicated, long-term member of staff.

One more positive to hiring a young person is their openness to work in internships. As internships aren’t permanent placements, they give any business a constant flow of fresh minds. They will be keen to impress, and an extra pair of hands around the workplace is never something to turn down. They could even become a full-time employee after their studies.

How to Employ Generation Z

To attract this young talent, you firstly need to understand them. With the power of the internet, Generation Z-ers know what companies they want to work for and which to avoid. With ethics and social presence being big influences in their choice of company. Sometimes even prioritised over the pay as they look for a company that represents their values!

Next, is getting your job advert out there. In order to attract students and recent graduates within the Generation Z bracket, you need to be unique. There is no point in writing a dull vacancy with little enticing points. Making your job advertisement as fun and engaging as you can is sure to help you stand out to the digital natives.

Remember, apparently Gen Z-ers have an attention span of 8 seconds so they will make up their mind quickly as to whether they want to apply. With his in mind, avoid using too much text in your job advert. Keeping it sweet with just the main points will improve readability while still informing the potential candidate. If the reader is left with unanswered questions, then they may be put off applying! If you have a chance to include a video to show a glimpse of the work-life, then this could also help boost their confidence in your company.

Now you have the applicants applying; you may be aware that they are applying elsewhere too. You need to ensure that your application process goes as smoothly as possible without too much delay as you may find the best talent gets hired!

During the interview process, ensure you make it a two-way street, so both parties feel valued. Just like any graduates, Generation Z may be looking for companies in which they can climb the ladder to higher positions. By highlighting the career growth within the company is sure to help attract Gen Z-ers.


With this in mind, your main focus should be thinking like Generation Z. Once you understand their needs, you will be able to attract any digital native! It could be the best possible move for your company!


Written by Rebecca Hart, an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. If you are starting your job search but not sure where to start, then check out StudentJob. Our application tips will help you create an effective CV, cover letter and help you smash interviews!

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