If you run a car rental business and have trouble renting out certain cars in your fleet while your competitor leases out all of his vehicles back-to-back, you know that you are doing something wrong. If you run a rent-a-car business or in control of the marketing for one, then you should consider listing your cars on an online car rental marketplace that exclusively specializes in connecting customers to your cars available for rental in your city.

They have been effective in moving an entire industry online and it predominantly survived on walk-in customers. Today, many have discovered the power of online marketing. Car rental businesses across the world are adopting the latest marketing channels.

In turn, they find people who are looking to rent not only cars, but also those looking to rent van in dubai, hire limos and even yachts. Businesses are looking for goods carriers and transport vehicles. So, the point is to try to be more visible to the people in your location rather than chasing the market. Portals such as these list your cars with your phone and email. Locals and tourists interested in the cars you have available to rent out will contact you right away.

Advertise Through the Right Channel


The most important rule of today’s marketing is to market through the right channels. Numerous companies will contact you and suggest advertising through them claiming their technology is the latest in the field of marketing. So if you are unaware of it, tread carefully as some of these are expensive and the ROI is too low for your business.

Partner up with websites that connect customers straight to your car rental business. How do you find them? Google, of course. Just do a simple Google search: ‘rent a car in Dubai’ (replace Dubai with your city of business). You will come across the most popular car rent businesses in your city. Track their marketing efforts online as well as offline.

Then you might come across websites such as ours which will help users narrow down their search according to their own budget, type of car and other preferences. Gone are the days of relying on doing repeated business from your loyal clients. Consumers are smarter than ever today, with the wealth of information available through their smartphones.


Traditional Online Marketing is Out-dated

Sending mass marketing emails and SMS does not work in the long-run anymore. In fact, it will do more damage than profit your business. Mostly because such lists are gathered from irrelevant sources that might have nothing to do with cars.

Marketing to people who have not subscribed to receive promotional messages from you is a bad practice. Is some countries that is considered to be an offense. We on the other hand understand our audiences and have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn through campaigns that target audiences interested in your particular cars.

While such campaigns might get you inquiries, they can result in hampering your brand image as people who do not need car rentals hit the ‘Report Spam’ button. ‘I never signed up to receive newsletters from you’. Such requests are taken very seriously by ESPs. This can further take a toll on your website address and the emails will end up in the spam folder soon after rather than increasing your car rent business.

Brand Affiliation is Important


In the current age, it’s important not just to have a good brand image but also be likable. Well-known rent-a-car brands and those that plan to become big in the car rental industry understand just how important it is to be likable. Repeat business will show up if you are.

You need to openly communicate with your customers. They want to compare prices and rent cars. These cars can be anything from economy cars such as: Kia Picanto, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Cruze to SUVs including Ford Edge, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Tahoe or Kia Sportage and even luxury cars like BMW, Ferrari 458, Audi A5 or Mercedes Benz C-class, to name a few.

Always Market to Relevant Audiences


Car rental companies in Dubai that rank higher on Google are generally those that are shown when someone types in a search query: ‘rent a car in Dubai’. This is mainly proven from the fact that they receive the maximum number of clicks. But mostly because those that have harnessed the power of online marketing receive convertible leads more than any other medium. If you are in the car rental business and looking for personalized tips and tricks on how to build your car rental business, then feel free to get in touch with us via email.

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