Living in the smart era has its own pros and cons. No doubt there is a long list of all the benefits but the drawbacks are also very much real. A cell phone was once used only for contacting loved ones in case of need or emergency. The necessity-only factor was soon and slowly replaced by the luxurious lifestyle. With smartphones, the definition of necessities has completely changed. Now things like timely catching up with the online sale, playing games, watching videos and chatting are the important thing to do with a cellphone. 

  • According to a survey conducted by the pew research centre in 2011, the number of American adults who own a cell phone was just 35%. Now it has reached 85% according to the latest count. 

A cell phone is used for various purposes. It includes personal and professional use, as an important tool for business and much more. The safety and security of such devices are also important. As it has become an important task since hacking and cyber-attacks get way more common. The use of android spy app at times like these can make things so much easier and less complicated. Apps like TheOneSpy offer so many rewards and benefits in the form of extraordinary features that a person can practically own eth cellphone technology in favour. 

Some of the rewards and details that anyone can benefit from the android spy app are as follows. 

Real-Time Screen Access:

Real-time screen access to the target device is beneficial both for parents and employers. TheOneSpy gives real-time access directly to the target screen. Users can know about the target screen activities remotely. 

Record of Screen Activities:

Besides real-time access the android spy app makes things easier for users. The screen activities are saved on the portal of the app in the form of screenshots and short video recordings. All the information is saved with timestamped information. Thus it makes things way much easier for a user to keep a check on the target screen and usage. 

Know Who Is Calling the Target:

The phonebook of the target is practically in remote access of the user with a call log feature. Find out everything about the incoming and outgoing call records secretly. 

Remote Listening of Call Record:

The android spy app rewards the user by offering an even call recording feature. By using the feature user can listen to any important call record or all the calls of the target person. 

Live Listen to Surroundings:

The Mic bug feature is another excellent feature of the cell phone spy app. Listen to all the surrounding sounds and chats of the target easily. It is the best way to keep a check on the target when they have company. 

Direct Access to Encrypted Gallery:

People usually lock their photo galleries for personal reasons. Parent of teenagers has every right to keep a check on teen digital activities. Photo galleries especially need a strict monitoring eye. Get the Android spy app and check the target photo gallery even if it is encrypted with TheOneSpy. 

Check the Applied Keystrokes:

Keystroke logging of the android spy app saved the keypad applied to the gadget. Meaning everything that involves the keypad is recorded and saved by TheOneSpy app on the portal. 

Remote Email Monitoring:

Monitor the target email with attachment history without letting them know. 

Social Media Is Not An Issue Any More:

A long list of social media makes it easy for users to check their digital activities. Be it for parental control or employee monitoring. The app saves everything. 

Real-Time Location Tracking:

The GPS location tracking feature of the android spy app gives real-time alerts about the target location. Users can know about the movements and thus in case of any emergency can take action without wasting time. 

Watch Them Whenever You Want:

Use the camera bug feature and watch the target whenever you want. 

The spy app for iPhone and android is a real blessing for users. Check the website, and select the bundle you need. Have physical access to the target device for installation. Don’t worry this is a one-time process and only installation needs a physical process. Once the app is installed everything can be managed remotely without any issues.  

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.