Pavel Melnikov: A Profile of an Investor

Pavel Melnikov was born on August 7th, 1964 in Sankt Petersburg, previously known as Leningrad. He is the founder of one of the greatest Russian companies which conducts the import of sanitary products, Vesta Regions LLC. He also runs a number of other businesses that deal with the manufacture and sale of sanitary products and is a proud owner of more than 100 patents registered in the State Register of the ROSPATENT.

But what did his road to success look like? 

Pavel Melnikov: Education

Pavel Melnikov expressed interest in the development of innovative solutions early in his life. In 1979, he entered Leningrad Electrotechnical College where he specialized in electric equipment for production plants and installations where he received a diploma with distinction. Upon graduating, he served in the army and later entered the Leningrad Mechanical Institute where he acquired extensive knowledge of radioelectric equipment. 

Melnikov’s Greatest Business Endeavors

Pavel Melnikov started his business career in the early 90s. At first, he focused on the development of innovative heating and plumbing solutions in order to create custom products for the Russian market. Today, he is the owner of VALTEC trademark which represents one of the biggest Russian brands in the plumbing industry. 

One of the first investments he made was in 2008 when he established a strong business relationship with China, and he continues to maintain that bond to this day. 

In 2009, Melnikov established a company NovaTerm LLC with the aim to set up direct communication with some of the most reputable manufacturers of radiators and heating devices in Italy and import their products to Russia. 

Since 2010, he focuses on granting non-exclusive rights to use trademarks that he owns, including Tenrad, Brixis, VESTAtrading, Minkor, and others. This decision came naturally after he acquired extensive experience in the engineering of plumbing products. All products manufactured under his licenses are regularly tested to ensure they are created in accordance with the highest quality standards. 

Melnikov also leases commercial real estate, including several properties in Sankt Petersburg. 

He is currently the sole owner of a number of companies, some of the biggest ones being Moscow Region, OOO «Luč», OOO «Эnergoresurs», OOO BIS No. 1 and OOO Vesta Regioni. He is also the owner of shares of a Chinese factory that produces plumbing equipment under the Valtec brand. 

Future Investment Plans

In the near future, Pavel Melnikov intends to focus on investing in the manufacture of plumbing products in Serbia, which would be up to par with industry standards. 

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