Salesforce or a sales team is a central pillar for a company. A weak or de-motivated salesforce can impact company’s performance and growth badly. In order to grow smoothly, each company needs to take care of every personnel of sales team by adopting various attractive policies as well as by expressing personal interest in mentoring them. Companies often try to utilize the maximum productivity of its salesforce and how to achieve the maximum out of it.

The sales team is the biggest strength of any company but at the same time, it is the biggest weakness as well.”

Since last few years, salesforce productivity has been gaining focus as a key characteristic since it directly proportional to company growth.

“Sales productivity is the rate at which a salesperson generates revenue for the company.”

Therefore rather than pushing salesforce to work more and work harder, companies need to understand that the rise in sales productivity depends on the salesforce utilizing its time smartly and more effectively.

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The responsibility to increase productivity does not lie solely with the sales team. The company is also equally responsible for the same and should invest equal efforts as well as it’s equally important how companies manage employees. To boost sales productivity, companies consider many factors. The company can hire some specialist to help them develop sales growth plans or can use sales productivity software which can be a positive move toward increasing sales productivity.

“When it comes to your sales force, productivity is all about making sure you keep your men busy in activities that lead to sales outcomes. It’s up to you to remove as many of the obstacles that prevent sales professionals from selling as is possible and that you keep your team motivated and determined to surpass the sales targets that have been established.” – Oneil Williams, Demand Media

An inter-department communication can be improved to let sales team access all necessary information. Companies can also support sales teams with the required technology when and where it is needed if sales productivity is to be successfully addressed.

Sales team may require frequent refreshment and motivation in order to maintain the momentum on the field. Companies must be very well aware of this fact. Picnics, parties, Plays, movie sessions of package tour can be offered to the sales person. A mentor can also be hired to conduct motivation sessions.  

Companies that successfully raise their sales productivity, often establish a roadmap and a set of processes based on which future revenue growth can be achieved.


Companies should identify possible roadblocks before adopting any new policy (staff hiring policy also equally matters), those may halt company’s journey towards raising sales productivity.

“Studies have shown that a sales person spends only 41% of his time in selling during a week.”

There are many other factors those may lead to this misutilization of time. For example, each and every meeting that salesperson attends should be assessed whether it is really important for him or not. If his presence isn’t absolutely necessary and it’s also possible that perhaps the meeting can be struck off the calendar. Companies must also ensure that any administrative tasks that can be automated are not being performed manually as it can reduce the load on sales person. These are just a few examples of the non-selling activities a sales person might be engaged in.

If a sales person spends more than half of his time in non-selling activities, there might be a number of other tasks that are unnecessarily being performed manually. In order to identify this wastage, a sales manager can perform a ride-along with his subordinates. This minor commitment can free the sales person from multiple non-selling and non-productive activities which are actually damaging sales productivity.


A review exercise is recommended to be carried out by the company once all possible techniques applied, to evaluate the results on sales productivity and to check whether adopted set of best practices can be enshrined as a roadmap for sustained sales productivity or not. Join efforts from all departments of the company can boost sales productivity rapidly, however, each company does not face same challenges and issues so there are no precisely written steps for it.

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