Tweaking something on social media is confusing you, right?

I have wondered that myself. I kept on asking how and what should I do on my social media to keep my business’ game plan going. I signed up for free trials on different social media scheduling platforms with a big question in my head what exactly should I do.

I explored on different tactics I can possibly do based from the knowledge I’ve had when I was working as a freelance writer way back when. Now, as a small business owner, I know I need to keep searching for the best strategy for social media to improve sales or at least showcase our products to our customers.  

You are thinking this way. You wanted to create your own small business’ game play. You opened your tabs in different schedulers like Buffer, Hootsuite, Edgar, Coschedule, Tailwind or BoardBooster to try on how these applications can really help you in your business. You are having second thoughts on upgrading your forever free plan if spending more bucks will really help.

If you’re asking me if these work, yes, they can. These applications help you with scheduling and saving hundreds of hours in a week so you can control the length of time you consume scheduling content online and spread the news to the world while creating products for your shop.

Do social media schedulers really work?

You’re wondering if using these will help you out increase exposure of your products to customers. Of course, in social media you can do that. Everything’s possible online. You just don’t know how and what possibilities are in store for you if these work out. That is, if they really do.

That being said, you’re worrying what if your business income won’t improve and realizing you’re wasting time scheduling content or products for your customers online.

You’re concerned with the recent upgrade you did and spent hundreds of bucks with uncertainty if the scheduler really works. What’s worse, you spent the money intended for savings or your children’s matriculation for the next school year for the tools you need to improve your business.

You’re anxious about your dumb knowledge on content marketing and you feel like you’re not worthy to sell something to your customers.

You’re getting stressed after long time of scheduling content yet, nothing exciting happens. You wanted to share your nicest products or services to your target audiences or clients. You created killer offers after long hours of work and effort to finish them. You want to use social media for that.

Sadly, you’re about to stop your social media for your small business’ game play because you think you’re speaking to no one and your income is still low. Crickets sound really loud. You’re in pain and in big trouble.

Knowing these facts from your business dilemma, you’re distressed on your capacity to achieve the biggest dreams you have for yourself as a business owner and for your family especially your children’s future.

You kept on dreaming if having vacation to Caribbean or at least pay your mortgages and your increasing debts are possible. While working at your hardest, you talked with your partner about how it could be if the business is running whether you can save money for your future and make your plans become a reality.

You badly need to learn strategies the soonest to change the life you want. Learning to be a smart social media marketer is a big leap and a big help.

Why utilize social media for your small business?

Social media has becoming a crucial weapon in playing the game to boost your small creative business. For some, it’s an ultimate game changer. For newbies like you, you never have an idea how it possibly works for your business.

Many small business owners try to create strategies they can do to maximize the traffic they needed to generate more income from the revenues of their products. However, the problem arises when asked if they have an idea on what they’re really doing. Unfortunately, only a few of them can confidently say they do. 

To help you out in the anxiety your business has brought you, I have only two suggestions you should do, which we exactly did to change our small business’ game play too: 

  1. Small businesses should blog.

According to the recent research made by Infusionsoft and Leadpages entitled, “2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report,” those small businesses who blog their products are proven to have boosted their income or large number of conversions from their ideal market compared to those who don’t. Sadly, half of the majority of the respondents didn’t do.

It’s your chance! Start a blog!

When you blog your products, the customers see the authenticity of your brand based from what you’ve shared. Let’s say, you shared behind-the-scenes when you created the product or the story behind the concept why you decided to produce such item for your shop. Such stories are what your customers love to hear from you.

  1. Amplify blog traffic.

Tons of ways are possible for us as small business owners in terms of social media marketing. We can take advantage of the different platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. What is more interesting is if you change ONE strategy, it will make everything killer. 

What do I mean by this? 

Usually, we schedule content on our social media accounts. After the content post is published on that account, we end there. But if you’re clever, you spend 80% promoting your product equivalent to how long you created the product itself. Thus, you need to promote, promote, promote than create content.  

When we say “one tweak,” it is not an easy, small, or mediocre step. It is a huge, killer, powerful leap for your business. That’s what we exactly prioritized to increase exposure of our brand.

  • When blog traffic is higher, conversions are also higher.

You need to boost your blog traffic to amplify your conversions. Defining conversions mean either convert your audience to loyal customers or convert your readers to subscribers for your updated newsletters. Through sending newsletters, you can easily update them with your new creations than speaking to millions with no one is listening.

When your traffic is high, the higher chances your potential customers visit your site, see your blog, read every blog post, check your social media accounts, follow you, build trust on you and your brand, then buy your product. 

  • Consistent social media presence builds trust.

If you’re able to do that smoothly and consistently, they will buy whatever you endorse, create, or market. That means your income!

When you change the game in social media for your business like we did, it’s 120% possible you can earn higher income from your products. If you have higher revenue, you already have the key to an improved life.

You wanted to save more money for your future, your family, and your kid’s life in the next 5-10 years. You can have the vacation to Caribbean, Scandinavia, anywhere in the world you dream your family can visit and enjoy. 

This is the kind of life you can achieve if you start changing your game when it comes to business. You should start a blog and learn how to boost your blog traffic to increase chances your clients or audience see your products, services, and any offers you have for them. 

This is your game for social media and your business I dream for our clients and customers, too. Because of that dream, we are creating a course teaching new bloggers and business owners to boost their blog traffic and recommend one killer course on how to start a blog and start monetizing. 

With my fiance with me, we believe our dreams to be financial stable for our family and our children’s future will be possible. We also want that for you, too. Start blogging your products and make your own small business game play now.

About the author:

Mecyll Jamila is a creative blogger, content marketer, co-owner of Bitchy Chicken blog and shop based in Germany. She is managing the online marketing for their business while her fiancé, Igen, who manages their shop. Visit her site and follow her in Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.


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