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Social media has contributed to the rise of visual content like images, GIFs, and videos in the past few years. This user-generated content platform has made it possible for people around the world to share almost everything quickly.

With this in mind, marketers begin to consider using social media as a platform to connect with audiences worldwide. And content like social media videos is essential to building a bridge between brands and customers as more users consume this form of online content. 

When creating a marketing video for campaigns, marketers need to understand a few things to ensure success. Here are some tips marketers should know when starting a video marketing tactic.

1. Know your customers

When starting out new campaigns, customers are the most important elements you should think about first. Make sure that your social media videos answer what the audience wants to see and know.

Keep in mind that not every video works for every marketing campaign. For example, if you want to promote a new release item, you need to introduce the product by explaining what it is to your audience. In that case, you can either use explainer videos or commercial videos to let people know what you offer. That’s because explainers and commercials tell your brands and products that people yearn to know first before making a purchase. 

2. Use captivating stories

Stories are the heart of every online content. In fact, they are what you firstly sell to your audience. If you succeed in convincing your target market through a story, chances are more people will consider using your brand or service when they need it the most. 

Meaningful stories touch people’s hearts, which is the key to every marketing campaign’s success. That’s why a story that’s not just about selling and focuses more on customers’ problems make the most revenue of all.

3. Add a call to action

Lastly, insert a call to action by the end of your social media video to urge people to visit or check your offer right away. Call to action is a short phrase that includes an invitation to take action, benefiting a brand/creator of the content.

With an effective call to action, people can check out your offer without exiting from the video they watch or the platform they are on at that moment. That way, you’ll eliminate the chance of losing potential customers as the call to action leads them to find the offer you sell on social media videos.

If you want to learn more about where to start distributing your social media videos, check out this infographic below. This infographic will explain which social platform is best for your marketing campaigns, based on the characteristics and goals your business wants to pursue.  

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