The Internet is a lucrative marketplace. It’s as if the world’s population of potential buyers has been filtered out and placed in this one arena. These days, the Internet does more than just bring information to users’ fingertips. It now connects consumers with marketers who have products and services to offer them. Hence, the emergence of proprietary websites where people could read up about a particular brand’s values and corporate culture, browse product catalogs, and buy whatever is being sold online. Does the story end there? Not quite.

Market to Target

Just as it is with normal businesses, a good marketing plan is needed to make a Web-based business take off. Remember that you’re selling something online, which means you want to reach out to people who are online all the time. Hence, you need an effective online marketing strategy in order to catch the attention of these people.

With online marketing, you need to keep in mind that search engines are your best bet at reaching out to prospective clients. “Market to target” should be your mantra. If your website doesn’t come out on top, say, of Google search ranks, then you lose significant volumes of your desired niche market, meaning all potential clients from all over the world. Worse, you could be going to all lengths and paying serious money to make a remarkable online presence to no avail. If this is so, then you can kiss your dreams of being an online success story goodbye.

Are You a Marketing Sinner?

What, then, do you need to do in order to make a huge impact online? Are there any tricks in the hat you need to master in order to make your online marketing strategies successful? An even important question, is it possible to go full blast with your marketing strategies without burning a hole in your pocket? The answers to these questions, in reverse order, are, “YES, YES, and DON’T BE A SINNER!”

Now at this point, your eyebrows are probably scrunched up, and you’re wondering, “A sinner?” Yes, in the sense that you’re committing marketing sins that are costing you huge amounts of money. Nevertheless, through sheer will and by paying close attention, you can actually turn things around for you and go from sinner to saint.

So which marketing sins should you steer clear of? Here they are, in no particular order:

Having the Wrong Focus

Ask yourself why you’re in business. Are you in it because of the ROI or because you want to be of service to others? True, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to hit ROI. However, a huge percentage of Internet marketers fail to take off the ground because they are so focused on their business, so much so that they fail to understand what their customers want. Remember, when potential customers get wind about your product or service, that first thing they think about is, “What’s in it for me?” Hence, you need to make sure your marketing message speaks out to them.

Having the “One Size Fits All” Mindset

Online marketing is not of the “one size fits all” mold, and you should never forget this. If you want to succeed online, make sure you have a collection of time-tested strategies that work like a well-oiled machine on providing your business a steady flow of sales leads and inquiries.

Stop Being a People Pleaser

Your business is meant for a specific market, is it not? Then don’t be a people pleaser, for crying out loud! When it comes to online marketing, quality topples quantity, and you would do well to keep that in mind. Reaching a wider base is useless, if more than half of the people you reached are indifferent to your message. Instead, target a specific niche, particularly one with the same needs, wants, and goals as your business.

Staying Stuck with the Times

This is 2016, dear online marketer. It’s time to move on. Don’t be a marketing dinosaur, because dinosaurs have long been out of existence. Get caught up in online market trends. Most successful Internet marketers are having a field day on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes. Take a cue from them and let your marketing strategies evolve.

Being a Passive Marketer

You’re a passive marketer if you fail to monitor the performance of your sales team and forgetting to measure the results of your marketing efforts. Both are important in making effective marketing decisions, especially those that affect your marketing strategies. So endeavor to be more active in your role as an online marketer.

Stop throwing away money. Stop these marketing sins if you want to turn your business around.


Rebecca Matias is a Business Development Manager at Callbox. She is a proactive marketer who is willing to share her passion, leadership principles and craft in marketing. Follow Rebecca on Google plus and Twitter.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.

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From time to time, we are glad to feature outside authors who contribute to BizzMarkBlog with their insights and experience. This is one of those features.