If you have recently received a promotion and have become a new manager, you are sure to be excited about the new job. However, the position also entails greater responsibilities for which you should prepare diligently. In this article, we provide effective tips that can help you to succeed in your managerial role.

Receive and act on constructive feedback

You should be ready to learn as you go along. Be open to receiving feedback from your team members as well as superiors. This will help you learn what is working and what is not so that you can tweak your plans according to needs and demands. Your colleagues watch your actions are in a good position to provide constructive feedback. Receive the feedback graciously and act on it to improve your leadership skills.

Get to know each team member

It is important to understand each of your team members and establish a rapport with them. You should aim to build a professional, transparent, and trusted relationship with each of them. Take each team member out for coffee or lunch and make an effort to learn their goals and objectives. This will help you to create a cohesive and fun team culture.

Differentiate between excuses and reasons

Some teammates will provide poor excuses for their bad performance. Others may have valid reasons. Learn to differentiate between the two. Pull up those who give excuses and try to understand the situation of those with valid reasons. You can be hard on the laggards while giving leeway to the latter and resolve the reasons to help improve their performance.

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Communicate effectively

It is essential to develop effective communication skills to be a successful manager. While you should be ready for feedback, at the same time you should stamp your leadership during communication. Tell your team members that you are ready for productive and consistent conversations anytime. Be willing to accept insights from them, but not directives. Open and frank communication about all work-related aspects will help to clear the air and provide each member a good idea of what is expected of them.

Inspire your team

It is important for your team to achieve set goals and targets, but it is even more important for you as a manager to show empathy towards your team. Build a respectful work relationship with your team members and motivate them every step of the way. Appreciate their achievements and encourage them to improve their performance. Ask the management if it is possible to reward top performers with worthy rewards. This will give an extra incentive to the team to perform their best.

Draw a line between personal and professional relationships

You may be good friends with your team members, but don’t let that affect your judgment while measuring their performance. You should keep friendship and business apart in the workplace. Your job is to mentor and coach your workmates effectively to drive success. Communicate the responsibilities and roles of each member and track their results objectively. In the end, your company management will judge your performance by the hard numbers you and your team deliver.

Don’t be hard on yourself

You are bound to make a few early mistakes in your new role. Don’t berate yourself too hard for them but to learn to take constructive lessons from each error and ensure you don’t repeat it. Any new role takes some time and effort to master and leadership is no exception. Therefore, learn as you go and be prepared to take a few knocks early on in your stint.

Be Fair and Consistent

Don’t let your work expectations and pressure drive you to become a hard taskmaster. Be fair while assigning tasks to team members and don’t overload anyone with too many. At the same time, avoid favoritism and treat everyone in the same way. Judge each member’s performance impartially and hand out bouquets and brickbats strictly on the quality of work done.

Control your ego

Don’t let the euphoric feeling of becoming a manager get to your head. It should not make you act in a superior way towards your team members. All employees are paid staff of the company and therefore all are equal. Control your ego and treat each member with respect. Be open with them about all work-related aspects and get their respect. Aim to make the office a fun place to work and inspire your team members to perform their tasks enthusiastically.

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Lead from the front

Do not impose impossible deadlines or targets on your team members. If you ask them to stay late for a project, you should lead from the front and do the same. In short, show your team members how a task should be done before assigning it. They will then know why you received your promotion. Earn their respect, lead by example, and tell your team members you are available at all times to provide the help they need.

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Apart from leadership skills, a manager should also be comfortable with using business software. You can select suitable business solutions for your company by consulting a reliable online software directory. If you know any other effective managerial skills, feel free to share the information with us.

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