The Australian economy is currently flourishing. Although the pandemic has had negative impacts on numerous businesses and industries across the world, it definitely seems that Aussie businesses are slowly but surely bouncing back. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in May 2021, 78% of businesses reported either no change or increased revenue, with 43% of businesses reporting that their cash on hand could cover 3+ months of business operations. 

Only 8% of businesses were seeking additional funds over the last three months, which is significantly less when compared to the previous quartal recorded in February. However, only 9% of companies reported an increase in the number of new employees, which is where the obvious room for improvement exists. 

Nonetheless, the business landscape is highly likely to expand and grow, which means that the competition will follow suit. The remedy? Investing in digital marketing. 

Marketing Agencies Supporting the Economic Rise

Where there’s a bloom within a business market, there’s also the rise in the need for quality digital marketing services. According to IBISWorld, the revenue for the Digital Advertising Agencies industry has been growing rapidly over the last 5 years

Digital marketing and advertising solutions are defeating traditional mediums among private and public sector organisations. This somewhat expected trend has significantly fueled the industry’s rate of expansion. Australian businesses are increasingly seeking SEO, social media marketing and mobile marketing services, with a plethora of companies now employing digital advertising agencies to manage all of their digital advertising efforts. Organisations within the public sector have also started to allocate greater proportions of their marketing budgets to improving their online visibility. 

These trends have resulted in a much greater need for SEO and digital advertising agencies capable of meeting the always high expectations of Australian businesses. For example, back in 2013, the number of digital advertising agencies in Australia was just above 500. In 2021, that number is likely to reach 2500

This means only one thing – finding the right SEO and digital marketing agency will become that much harder. 

New Digital Marketing Player on the Aussie Market

Another great piece of news for Australian companies – especially those looking for an experienced SEO company – is that the Aussie digital advertising game has obtained a rather new but highly competitive player. 

Four Dots is a Digital Marketing Agency with decade-long experience and a strong presence in the global SEO market. After establishing physical offices in New York, Hong Kong, and Serbia, the agency has now officially expanded to the Australian market with a brand new branch: “Four Dots Australia.” 

The new branch will provide a number of essential digital marketing services to their beloved Aussie clients, including SEO, PPC Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Content Marketing, Advanced Analytics Solutions, Link Building, etc. Four Dots Australia’s main mission is to enable local Australian businesses, both small and enterprise-level companies, to achieve all their online marketing goals and objectives. 

Some of the brands that have hired Four Dots to help them with their online marketing strategies include Coca-Cola, Philip Morris International, IQOS, Orange, Beko, Crucial, MissAmara, Buro,,, Gulf Coast Cash Relief, etc. 

The Reason for Entering the Australian Market 

Since Four Dots already has offices in New York, Hong Kong, and Serbia, expanding to the Australian market was the next logical move. With 10+ years of providing services to hundreds of clients across the globe, the agency’s core team decided to tackle the Aussie digital market. They set up physical headquarters there in order to more easily get in touch with Australian businesses that need top-of-the-line digital marketing services

Another key trigger was an apparent shortage of all-around, local digital marketing companies that offer top-tier digital services at affordable prices. Although the number of agencies has risen over the last 5 years, rarely do these companies check all the necessary boxes in terms of the quality of service and affordability. Finding that sweet spot is key to leveraging this market, and Four Dots’ experienced SEO and PPC specialists are more than capable of doing just that – developing highly effective, custom-built and data-driven digital marketing plans without making a huge dent in their clients’ overall budget. 

Four Dots saw this as an opportunity and acted upon it. 

Who is Four Dots Australia? 

The main team consists of numerous accomplished and experienced marketers with over decade long experiences within the field of digital marketing: Radomir Basta – CEO; Milica Dobrenov – COO; Natasa Bajic – CIO; Harry James – CMO. 

Radomir Basta, Milica and Natasa are the founders of Four Dots and have been dominating the global SEO scene for more than 10 years now. This trio has been involved in countless successful projects and campaigns over the years. Aside from helping hundreds of clients reach their business goals, they are also the masterminds behind numerous successful SaaS-based marketing tools developed by this agency.

Radomir and Four Dots consistently provide more added value to both their clients and fellow SEOs. In order to give back to the SEO community that helped them grow over the last decade, Radomir decided to convert his knowledge into a book titled “The Good Book of SEO.” The piece is a great read that tackles the basics of Search Engine Optimization and gives actionable advice to everyone who works or closely collaborates with SEO professionals and service providers.

A Brand New Reinforcement!

Four Dots is proud to present the new CMO of Four Dots Australia, Harry James. Harry is an accomplished marketer who has been focusing his digital marketing efforts on assisting young Australia-based businesses to initiate growth and scale. Harry has overseen thousands of digital marketing campaigns and has led a team of 75+ SEO Consultants, Paid Media Consultants and vendors; executing successful campaigns for every niche and vertical across Australia, the US, Singapore and UK.

Four Dots’ Unique Approach Enables Competitive Edge 

The critical aspect of what makes Four Dots Australia stand out from its direct competition is its goal-driven mindset and the ability to quickly and efficiently create custom-tailored campaigns. The agency consistently showcases that top-of-the-line digital marketing services can indeed be paired with scalable, budget-friendly pricing

The interdisciplinary expertise and substantial experience of all team members enable them to approach every issue from several different angles and effectively course-correct any campaign that isn’t delivering desired results. They always focus on what is most beneficial for their client, even if it means the FD teams will be burning that midnight oil.

Which Australian Businesses Should Hire Four Dots Australia? 

Although the agency caters to hundreds of small and medium businesses, their SEO and PPC experts also thrive on developing complete and all-around strategies for large, enterprise-level organizations. Their campaign assessment is always on point, as they only accept the projects they are certain can be done to the customer’s fullest satisfaction.

Regardless of whether your company is merely starting out, or you already have an established powerhouse of a company, their premium-level digital marketing services will help you achieve your overarching goals.  

Four Dots Australia is the latest addition to the Four Dots family and it marks their newest effort to get close to their respective clients as much as possible in order to better understand the markets their clients intend to target.

Posted by Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. She writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.