When the COVID-19 pandemic halted travel worldwide, people who used to travel for business had to resort to virtual meetings to maintain continuity of work. As the pandemic drags on over a year later, the need for travel keeps growing despite the varying stages of the pandemic across different regions. Most recently, business travel is has begun a slow return, but it will take a while for leisure travel to resume. Well, if you are among the people who still need to travel, there are measures that you need to adopt for safe travel such as:

Get an insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage

If you intend to travel at the moment, you need to take a COVID-19 travel insurance cover. This package will not only provide you with typical medical protection during your business trip, but it will also cover any COVID-19 related expenses such as testing, hospital stays, or early return. Since the year began, a number of insurance companies have come out to add COVID-19 travel insurance to their policies. For example, Heymondo, Safety Wing, and Tokio Marine insurance policies cover the most relevant expenses. That said, not all policies are developed equally; some like Heymondo have no exclusions or deductibles, others have limited coverage for PCR tests, some with higher deductibles while others only provide cover when bought within a specific timeframe. Therefore, you need to perform thorough research to find out what insurance coverage will work best for you.

Use credit and debit cards when possible

Studies conducted have shown that the virus survives on bank notes which makes them an ideal vehicle for disease transmission. When you think about it, bills pass through many hands some of which may already be infected with the virus. Given that it is not feasible to clean money, you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself. Switching to contactless payments and using some of the best websites for overseas payments whenever possible during your trip is a great way to minimize the risk.  But it is important that you first talk to your bank and inform them about your travel arrangements so that your debit and credit card are not declined during your stay abroad.

Go for road trips

During this pandemic, you should avoid large metropolitan cities because that is where the infection rates are at their highest. If you can, you should also avoid air travel because you are likely to contract the virus while waiting to check-in in the long queues and onboard a plane when other people take off their masks to eat. In instances where that is not possible, you should have your mask all through. 

When you arrive at your destination abroad, renting a car instead of using public transportation will allow you to stay mobile while minimizing your risk of contracting the virus. But before you travel, you will need to procure an international driving permit so that you can be allowed to rent a car during your visit. The beauty of this license is that it can also serve as a form of identification should you forget your passport at the hotel.

Check your destinations entry requirements

At the moment, each country has entry requirements that travelers have to adhere to. Therefore, before you book your trip, you need to be sure about the entry requirements to assess whether you can meet them. Currently, most countries require that tourists provide a medical certificate that shows a negative PCR test which has been taken 48-96 hours before arrival at the set destination. Other regions require that tourists quarantine themselves and undergo a series of temperature checks before they’re allowed to move around freely. Additionally, with the availability of a vaccine, there are countries that also require you to have received a jab before you travel. With all these restrictions, it is critical that you comply otherwise your travel plans would be futile.


As you can see from the above tips, safe travel is still possible. Therefore, when you embark on your business activities, you need to adhere to the above measures to stay safe. From the look of things, the COVID 19 pandemic is going to be here for a while; thus, all you can do is take extra precaution and manage your expectations when you travel. That said, enjoy your next business trip!

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